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Seven Things About You




Community is gathering. You’re telling me so during personal sessions. You’re showing it through your comments and guest posts on the blog.

Celebrating this, a blog re-design will soon be installed. I hope it will bring more fun than ever to “Deeper Perception made practical.”

Life Challenges, GUEST POST by Robert


Note: Robert Schwartz is the author of “Courageous Souls: Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth?”  A free PDF with a large sample of the book is available on the About the Book page at The book may be ordered on the Courageous Souls website (which ships internationally) or by calling Whispering Winds Press at 1-800-742-0148 (in the US) or emailing Robert,  

What You Don’t Know Could Hurt, a QUIZ about Cords

Cords of attachment are a universal problem, with us since childhood. Though invisible to the naked eye, cords are very real. You need not be a clairvoyant to remove them. You just need training to use the gifts that God gave you. All your life, you have been using these gifts for deeper perception, even if you haven’t yet learned how to direct those gifts toward cutting cords.

Your Questions about Cutting Cords






Blog-Buddies, a lot of you have been emailing me questions about cutting cords of attachment. What will it do? What won’t it do?

Let’s try this. Pose your questions as comments here, and I’ll answer those questions as best I can.

Thrive under Mercury Retrograde, GUEST POST by Dianne


Note: Dianne Eppler Adams  is an astrologer and teacher based in Northern Virginia. This is her first post for this blog, a fearless beginning while the planet Mercury is doing that dreaded thing, “going retrograde.”

The Real Deal


Even if you don’t know Timberly Whitfield, there’s something about her. Just looking at her picture, don’t you want to get to know her?

I did, when taping the “New Morning” TV show. I wanted to get to know her pronto. Admittedly that was partly desperation. Nothing like sitting beside a TV interviewer to make you want to get to know somebody fast, so you can stay on her good  side…

Walls in Auras, GUEST POST by Anabela


What are walls, really?

I’ve built many walls, that is, a complete shutdown towards a person or situation. A lot of it has to do with empathy — mainly, I think, I take on intellectual shape-shifting and emotional oneness with others

Cutting Cords for Charles and Di


Working with Energy Spirituality for more than 20 years, I have had clients from many nations–some rich or famous, or both–most not. One couple I wish had called me was Prince Charles and Lady Diana. They’re in the headlines now, with an inquest into her death just opened, more than a decade after a car crash ended her life.

Imagine how different that life might had been had she and Charles been able to free themselves of cords of attachment, those toxic cords between people that affect us energetically 24/7.



The huge international Frankfurt Book Fair, where I just spent five days—to wrap your mind around it, imagine a paper bag big enough to hold a Costco, or some other enormous warehouse store. Then expand that bag eightfold, to include all the active display halls at the German fair.

Make your paper bag very strong, because it must expand yet again. Each of the eight display halls contains two stories each, except for the occasional one that crams in three stories. Walking through all that space, in physical reality rather than imagination, you can wear through the soles of your shoes. I did.  

Bless or Judge? GUEST POST by Andrea


Note: Andrea Corbett is one of my talented students of Energy Spirituality who has turned pro. If you live in, or near, Charlottesville, Virginia, you might want to schedule a personal session with her.

I sobbed.  I sobbed the first time I watched it.  I sobbed the fourth.  I sobbed throughout this video clip each and every time I watched.  My reaction was extreme — it’s a lovely piece.  So I took the following random excerpt from that video:

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