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Animal Empathy, GUEST POST by Ryan


Rose says in her October 4, 2007 entry, “Inner Tennis and More from Massachusetts”, that she is not an animal empath. This post resulted in me thinking about my animal empathy.Before I explain how I perceive animal consciousness, I will summarize how I perceive human consciousness.In a generally healthy person, thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, intuition, and other aspects of consciousness are rather divisible. Languaging what is occurring in our mind and body is easy; we do this all the time with statements such as “I think” and “I feel.”

Choosing, GUEST POST by Anabela


“Removing Frozen Blocks” (via Regression Therapy) or “Cutting Cords of Attachment” — what a choice!

Dear Rose and Fellow Bloggers, in Energy Spirituality (and as part of one’s quest for a healthy aura), which is more important to remove?

What’s the difference really?  

Open Hearts






Are you ready for a dazzlingly new concept about relationships? I’m just the messenger here, still amazed at an insight from my new friend, nationally syndicated radio host Rebecca Jernigan.








Note from Rose: Recently, animal empaths and animal communicators have been “threatening” to write guest posts. Marilyn Cooley is the first to have actually done it. She is a pro in this field, the owner of Nova Holistic Animal Care; Marilyn has earned the credentials known as HTACP, ESMT.

Remember, all of you talented folks are welcome to comment (or send your own Guest Posts). Bark up!



Have you heard that a quick prayer can cut all your cords of attachment? How about a nice little meditation? Or maybe you can simply ask Archangel Michael to cut all your cords.

A recent, and spirited, discussion by Ouja and Colleen  has prompted me to tackle the larger question of all the meditation-type methods you may have found on the Net or in books. I have a name for them: “The Quickie Method.” To put it bluntly, The Quickie Method is a big waste of your time.

Journey with Rebecca and Rose


“Journeys with Rebecca” is a wonderful show. You can hear it every Saturday at this link: I especially hope you will listen and call in this Saturday, October 6, 9-10 p.m. EST because I will be Rebecca’s guest. We’ll focus on Cut Cords of Attachment: Heal Yourself and Others with Energy Spirituality.

The Publishing Reality Show





In the world of self-publishing, I am one of the lucky ones, having sold over 100,000 copies of my books. Did you know that 200,000 books are published every year, in the U.S. alone? Most of these are, of course, self-published.

Inner Tennis and More from Massachusetts






One more book tour complete: Autographs signed, classes ended, personal sessions crammed with all that I could bring forth. Here’s what sloshes around in my mind, as I prepare to fly back to Virginia after spending six glorious days at Circles of Wisdom.

Exorcism Needed?


Good morning, Blog-Buddies. This morning I was lurking at a different blog, “Empaths Alike” at, hosted by the brainy Paul Zozem. A third blogger, Sekhmet, had posted this provocative question about reading auras: “Does black mean they’re possessed?”

The Paranormal Precaution





How safe is pursuing the paranormal? When I first learned to swim, I clung to the sides of the pool. At the ice skating rink, I did the same thing, wobbling along with my jello-like ankles all aquiver, with my hands grabbing the wall. It takes confidence to step out or swim out. I applaud the intrepid students (like those pictured here) who dare to explore.

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