Deeper Perception Made Practical

Consumer Smarts for Choosing a Psychic




Psychics and psychologists are tied in first place as the readers I had most in mind when writing Cut Cords of Attachment.  

In the part of America where I reside, grotesquely cinched in with The Bible Belt, psychics are discriminated against routinely. If I only turn on my radio, I can hear “men of God” fulminate against the dangers of psychics and astrologers. This strikes me as especially ludicrous during the Christmas season. What were those Three Wise Men who found Jesus anyway?

Choosing a Psychic like Sonia Choquette


Sometimes a person just needs a psychic. If Deeper Perception ever was useful, that time is now.

Don’t choose based on the obvious. Fame is not always easy for psychics. I can think of two major American psychics who once possessed the most delicious purity. Now they merely have fame, money, big followings. Poor things! I won’t be reading them here.

Perfume for Dogs?


Pausing in our big survey of celebrities, let’s brainstorm, Blog-Buddies. Today I read in The Washington Post that Bloomingdales has begun to sell a rather intriguing gift: Perfume for dogs.

Okay, what would you put in the bottle?

I’ll start: The smell of someone who feels happy, but only the special fragrance at the nape of the neck.

Reading Kurt Cobain for Drugs


Kurt Cobain lives cheerfully among the stoners. His poster proclaims it. You can blow it up if you dare, to read along with me, by our usual method of click and copy and drag at the corners. But, as I explain later, I hope that you won’t.

Our 8th day of Christmas is about reading people who take drugs. The late grunge singer makes a fine poster child, as suggested (directly and indirectly) by two of our Blog-Buddies.

Does Jackie Warner Pass the Hype Test?


On our Seventh Day of Christmas, the theme is fun! Recreation! Make that professional recreation! Plus certified entertainment! And, of course, the fun of Deeper Perception.

Bring on Jackie Warner, of the Bravo reality show “Work Out.” She’s impressive as an entrepreneur, as well as an athlete. In her short life, she has been amazingly successful, plus an undeniable discipline shows in that body.

That Rascal, James, a GUEST POST by Colleen


Blog-Buddies, you may remember from a previous post that Colleen Arcury has been preparing an empathic merge with James Hillman. I’m so proud of her courage, and her insights.

I did the reading all at the same time, then scribbled notes as fast as I could. I experienced so much, that I’m not sure that I got all the information with the right energy fields. What a learning experience! I still have no words for some of it. Here goes:

Stocking Stuffers on Time


Looking for an inexpensive gift that will arrive without fail, uplifting and delighting the recipient? Consider a Face Reading Report.

It’s a great stealth gift for people in your life who have been holdouts about believing in metaphysical anything. I have done face readings for super-conservative people, religious fundamentalists, skeptics, and people whose main passion in life is buying clothes. Face reading is a non-threatening way to open up Deeper Perception for anyone.

Reading Performers like Chris Cornell


What is there about Chris Cornell? My ears have told me nothing, and that isn’t his fault.

Never have I heard him sing, but Dana, one of our Blog-Buddies, requested this reading, and doing this type of reading belongs in the skill set of anyone interested in Deeper Perception Made Practical. How do you read a performer, any performer you’re curious about?

Martha Flying High


On our advance Sixth Day of Christmas, I have already posted an empathic merge about Martha Stewart.

Here, I want to add a grace note worthy of this great artist and unsinkable entrepreneur.

Whether you’re an empath or not, a photo of Martha Stewart after her guilty verdict will remind you of what she went through just years ago. Talk about ups and downs!

Inspiring Artists Everywhere, Martha Stewart


Ready to write your Ph.D. dissertation on Deeper Perception? You couldn’t choose a better subject than Martha Stewart.

Aw, I forgot, there isn’t a university program about that discipline yet.

Okay, then we’d better just call it our Sixth Day of Christmas here at the blog.