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Madeline L’Engle. Face Reading


Madeline L’Engle. Face review today!

First of all, though, want a hint for checking out books as a reviewer? Ask me what what I learned in three years as a book reviewer for Pathways Magazine.

“Read the first page because it will tell you so much about the writer’s message, where the book is aimed, the ability to convey that message, and the writer’s overall skill. Check out the jacket and interior design, tip-offs to professionalism.

“Then go back to the writer’s first page and read between the lines. Is it all about “I want to be a writer and have a book” or do you find something more worthwhile?

Seeking a Pro for Blog Redesign


Dear Blog-Buddies:

Redesign for this blog was begun about three months ago. The first designer I hired didn’t work out and so I am looking for someone skilled, friendly, flexible, affordable and available. That would be someone who is an expert at WordPress.

Being Kanye West

Being Kanye West. Let’s do some aura reading research to understand better what makes him tick. Energetic literacy is a gift that we can give ourselves!

Day 3, in our dozen days of Christmas, it’s time to read somebody male and Kanye West would definitely qualify.

Let Those Lips Sing their Truth


Oh, this advance third day of Christmas is a gift that keeps on giving.

After that rather depressing peek into the aura of Kanye West, I’ve got to find something more uplifting. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, not lamenting train wrecks. So bring on Face Reading Secrets(R), where you can always find something good.

For pure uplift, what’s the most distinctive thing about the face of Kanye West? See for yourself, Blog-Buddies.

I’ll help you do your own face reading by supplying a photo link. Click here to see a version of our photo that you can use to give Kanye a close-up. This face reader chooses…

More Nominations Requested for 12 Days


Blog-Buddies, I have started to do the series of 12 readings for our pre-Christmas series, 12 Days of Christmas. On Day 2, I discovered something shocking about the requests at the previous post, ““Which Aura? Cast Your Vote.”

In the nominations, men outnumber women by far. Well, please! I want to profile at least 50% women. Who interests you?

How I Know Elaine and Art Aron


You may know them as leading psychological researchers about sensitivity. Or, if you are involved in Transcendental Meditation, you may know them as two of the most prolific researchers about benefits of TM—perhaps THE most prolific.

I don’t know if they still are involved in the meditation “Movement.” But back in the day when I still was involved, I drove a couple of hours for a Saturday workshop given by Art.

Elaine Aron’s Sensitive Face


For our “Second Day of Christmas,” here’s a face reading of someone I respect enormously. All empaths are Highly Sensitive Persons but the opposite isn’t true. As you Blog-Buddies know, 4 in 20 people are HSP, but only 1 is an empath. Both sets of inborn abilities are fascinating, as is the difference between them.  

Here is where your comments and insights are especially invited: Based on your personal experience, what have you noticed about those differences?

Eckhart Tolle Aura Reading

Eckhart Tolle Aura Reading. What a great way to start our special series of blog posts in honor of the 12 days of Christmas!

About aura reading, newbies often ask me:

“If you’re going to read somebody from a photograph, are you reading that person now or at the time of the photograph?”

The simple answer is, “At the time of the photograph, when else?” (Common sense isn’t only for newbies, either.)

Holiday Poem, Festive Announcement


Every year, around this time, I write one poem to share in public. You’ll find this year’s holiday poem on the home page at my website.

Expanding upon an old tradition, since this is my first year as a blogger, I’m ready to celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas. Our version will be on the early side, in keeping with the general trend of this blog. (Deeper Perception is not the norm yet, as you may have noticed.) So, how appropriate that our 12 Days will not include Boxing Day and other post-Dec. 25 delights but instead lead up to the big holiday.

When a Loved One Dies


Sure, if you’re metaphysically minded, you know that “death” doesn’t happen. In the words of my Regression Therapy teacher Coletta Long, “You’ll always be in some body somewhere.”Still, death sure feels real, when you lose a human personality and presence. This has just happened to A., someone I hold very dear, and I dedicate this post to her, five strategies that may help when a loved one dies.