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Awakening Age Anniversary. 5 Years!

Awakening Age Anniversary 5

Awakening Age Anniversary 5. Today let’s celebrate.

Awakening Age Anniversary 5. Yes, five years ago the Age of Faith ended on earth. Know it or not — and most of us didn’t — what happened? Humanity began to live in the Age of Awakening.

Since then, what’s different for you?

Original Intelligence emerging on earth, a guest post by Christine Wushke


Christine Wushke is a renowned yoga teacher, interviewed by Rick Archer for Buddha at the Gas Pump and a member of the Enlightenment Life List at this blog.

Her deeper perception? One favorite method comes from swimming with dolphins. As with this glorious YouTube video that Christine shot while doing that swimming:

12-21-12 and beyond, what happens now?


When I awoke this morning, I found a renewed sense of the sacred. The perfection of things, physical things. The perfection of simple actions, like getting out of bed and my first steps outdoors.

Could life on Earth possibly become more beautiful than ever? Let’s find out.

When I sat for my morning meditation, immediately there came a strong sense that, collectively, humankind had broken through. As if we were passengers in an airplane that had been flying through clouds. Suddenly we emerged into the clearest and dearest blue sky.

Better than ascension for 12-21-12, vertical integration spiritually


What is the meaning of 12-21-12? My understanding keeps evolving.

  • In general, this blog records my commitment to grow and explore. And help you’all do the same, with your full self-authority.
  • In particular, I want to keep exploring about the meaning of 12-21-12. Partly because it has been a charged topic for me for decades, ever since I was told something special would happen in 2012: Ascension. (a.k.a. New Age Ascension).

Open Your Heart, with a guest post by Maxima May


How hearts are opening these days, Blog-Buddies. There it was in my morning newspaper, as it probably was in yours. Those sweet little young ones (and also those adorable unsuspecting grownups) with their lives suddenly ended; and so many in long-term mourning.

The Washington Post isn’t the only newspaper carrying stories that seek to make sense of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. However one feels about gun control, who hasn’t wept for those children?

12-21-12, a guest post and cosmic perspective from Cynthia Lane

Cynthia Lane shares a cosmic perspective on 12-21-12

Blog-Buddies, it is a special treat to share a guest post from the great teacher and healer, Cynthia Lane. To me, she is like royalty on my Enlightenment Life List, not just #7.

Cynthia and I first met in the 1970’s, both of us teaching Transcendental Meditation and both of us aspiring to go on Maharishi’s program for female renunciates, Mother Divine. Cynthia was accepted. I was not. (No repining. Turns out, I have been given my own little kind of work to do, related to Householder Enlightenment.)

Judy Lavine discusses the end of the Mayan calendar


Blog-Buddies, what a delight. I just got off the phone with Judy Lavine, the world-class healer, medical intuitive, teacher and bon vivant.

We discussed the significance of what has been happening so far with human consciousness, what is continuing to happen, what we can look forward to… as the Mayan calendar ends.

Judy calls this new time “Precious, new, sacred, and hopeful.” Me, I bring in perspectives about path to Enlightenment, research with Energetic Literacy.