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Cut Cords of Attachment DISCERNMENT JAMBOREE

Cut Cords of Attachment ANNOUNCEMENT. Whenever you give yourself this quality self-healing, it’s like you receive a Personal Growth Trophy

Cut Cords of Attachment ANNOUNCEMENT. One more first for the field of Energy Spirituality! Learn the latest about cutting cords. Plus a vigorous Q&A.

Because you deserve to hear straight talk from an expert at this energy healing specialty.

10 Trademarks. Energy Spirituality Innovation

10 Trademarks Energy Spirituality. Why could they help to make YOUR life better?

10 Trademarks Energy Spirituality. Curious about the leading-edge field of Energy Spirituality? Learn about intellectual property underlying this field.

What’s the benefit to you? Why would you care about these 10 trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office?

Understand Forgiveness Better ENERGETICALLY

Understand Forgiveness Better ENERGETICALLY

Understand Forgiveness Better ENERGETICALLY. Otherwise you may be stuck in a perpetual energetic tug of war.

Understand Forgiveness ENERGETICALLY. Because…

Has somebody wronged you? Ha, how many somebodies have wronged you? That might be the better question.

Maybe you’ve learned the hard way how hard it can be to let go. And stop replaying the past. Are forgiveness practices really the cure?

How cords of attachment can block prosperity


Let’s complete this two-part series about prosperity and Law of Attraction. Is it really possible that “fear of success” is limiting your income?

The how-to book on Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy was based on a great deal of research at the level of auras, showing something quite shocking from a LOA perspective. Belief doesn’t have nearly as much to do with attracting success as “The Secret” would have us believe. Except that repeated use of beliefs will have consequences, and the main consequences of LOA practices is to bring on a spiritual addiction.

Brandeis Self-Help Guru at Large










As one who does aura readings professionally, I’m used to inhabiting an underground space of questionable prestige.

Imagine my shock today, when I opened up the spring issue of Brandeis University Magazine, browsed through the “Deis Books” section, and came upon a review of Cut Cords of Attachment by some woo-woo who got her B.A. in 1969. (Pictured left, age 19, with the closed, left-angled smile and down-angled left eye, among 20 other items of face data that have since changed completely.)