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Your Thoughts Are Just Thoughts. Not Things. Good to Know in The Age of Awakening.

A truck is a thing, a material object. A thought? That is not a thing.

A truck is a thing, a material object. A thought? That is not a thing.

In the Age of Awakening, it’s especially important to understand this about your thoughts: Your thoughts are just thoughts. Not things.

Our thoughts are prayers.” This concept isn’t just from New Age churches, like Unity. In the years leading up to The Age of Awakening, many belief systems made quite a racket by proclaiming beliefs like this.

Have you ever worked with Abraham-Hicks or “The Secret”? To that extent, you tied your worldly aspirations to the belief that your thoughts are like things. Powerful things.

Supposedly the power of your thoughts alone… forms the basis for manifesting success.

Honestly, have you ever sung those words as a hymn in a Unity church? Our thoughts are prayers.” Back in the day, I sung it often.

Golly, I was such a true believer. In my memory, that hymn went, “Our thoughts are things.”

LOA Teachers, Portraits of Spiritual Addiction, compared with Dominionism


Such a continuing education in aura reading, energetic literacy, and spiritual addiction! Not to mention Law of Attraction. And, by the end of today’s post, Dominionism.

Also today’s Part 3 continuation of this thread includes the 1 out of 50 volunteer LOA teachers who was (it seems to me) purposely maniuplating students for personal gain. Although still possessing a spiritual addiction.

See if you can figure out which one I mean.

Volunteer LOA Teachers, Portraits of Spiritual Addiction, Part 2


Every case of spiritual addiction has unique features. In today’s post, you have the opportunity to learn more — very individual — ways that LOA volunteer teachers have been doing their very best. They have pursued a path that promised them prosperity.

Only they know if it works. However, it may not be a particularly good sign that these dedicated followers of Law of Attraction, Abraham-Hicks and/or The Secret are giving away their services by teaching free meetup groups.

Magnetize Money Profiles, LOA Teachers, Part 1

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


In America, shoppers are buying like mad. It’s “Black Friday,” the annual sale-fest when buying becomes an extreme sport. Let’s celebrate with some Magnetize Money profiles.

Incidentally, we have a contest still open for nominating candidates to receive a Magnetize Money Profile, my having decided to keep it open until December 1. Why? I’d like to share my research on using energetic literacy to inject realism into prosperity teachings, giving you a really good chance to think about how much energetic literacy and chakra databank profiling can help us win both success and prosperity.

What is a spiritual teacher allowed to say?


Recently, Blog-Buddy Nancy presented a passionate, articulate critique of my work. Searing, really.

She did a great job of presenting questions/problems that many people may have of my work in general and this blog in particular.

Today’s post is devoted to responding to those  concerns. You’ll find Nancy’s original comment following my aura reading of Newt Gingrich. To organize a response, I’m cut and pasting comments into an order that seems logical to me.