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Rose Rosetree's Aura Reading Movie Reviews for Oscar Nominees… and a Contest

An Oscar, holding up an aspiring actor who did not win the award in 2008.

An Oscar, holding up an aspiring actor who did not win the award in 2008.

Watching movies can be good for you. Those movies can be such a powerful, rapid way to gather life experiences without having to incarnate into the various lifetimes and plots portrayed in gut-wrenching films.

Besides, movies are one of the great art forms of our current era — another fine reason to watch them.

But to this aura reader and general fan of techniques for energetic literacy? Ha! Those perfectly fine reasons are teensy enticements.

So trivial when compared to what motivates me, year after year, to do Aura Reading Movie Reviews.

What this kind of research taught me about energetic literacy

When new to energetic literacy, I believed that people couldn’t lie on the level of their auras.

Since then, I have learned a bit.  The system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R) has evolved to include skills for accurately reading chakra databanks. So I discovered that some world-class actors (and others) could change all the way down to their chakra databanks.

That is where the amazing prospect arises for aura reading movie reviews. They have taught me so much about auras, chakra databanks, and the degree to which certain people really can change all the way down to altering patterns on the level of chakra databanks. 

Aura Readings for Academy Award Nominees in 2013


We have an annual tradition for Aura Reading Movie Reviews here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.” It’s inspired by the fact that, usually, auras don’t lie.

What you find in a chakra databank will be the truth about that person.

Almost always, anyway.