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Objective reality, especially vital with Deeper Perception

Gotta love Earth School, right?

So many of the lessons we learn, individualized lessons…

Life lessons etched in very human pain and eventually followed by wisdom…

Forgiveness Vs. Cord-Cutting

Forgiveness Vs. Cord-Cutting

Forgiveness Vs. Cord-Cutting. Tormenting yourself, like giving yourself an extra-bleeding heart? Is that really required to forgive?

Forgiveness Vs. Cord-Cutting. Could be, sometimes you’ll never be able to forgive until you cut a particular cord of attachment. To the one who wronged you!

Forgiveness Vs. Cord-Cutting. Controversial. Shareable.

I’ll warn you, Blog-Buddies. This will be one of my more controversial posts. If you don’t hate it, you may love it. In which case, please share it with friends who might find it helpful, too.

What prompted this article?