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Farewell, Anorexic Ideal

Farewell Anorexic Ideal

Farewell Anorexic Ideal — have you ever thought about the aura-level consequences of self-starvation to achieve “glamour”?

Farewell, Anorexic Ideal — as two different Blog-Buddies comment on extreme thinness as a job requirement for beauty. Or much of any value, really.

INFP Starflower began this guest post on our perennial topic of The Anorexic Ideal. Every so often, this topic springs up like a bold Earth-Flower. The topic springs up due to aura reading, and not necessarily on purpose.

How The Anorexic Ideal hurts women of my generation, a guest post by Jordan

Recently we’ve been exploring pressures on women and performers for extreme thinness, what I call “The Anorexic Ideal.”

Basically, I’ve had it with doing Skilled Empath Merges and aura readings on celebrities whose chakra databanks scream “Feed me.” For years, I’ve told myself, “When energetic literacy is widespread, social pressure will go the other way. People will be considered ‘attractive’ at a size compatible with comfort and health.”

William and Kate’s portraits, shocking to Aura Readers

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Sure, I could go all gooey, like any admirer of young love and the Royals. What’s not to like about the new faux casual portrait of Prince William and Kate Middleton?

Well, plenty. Actually.

More specifically, there’s an absence of something. Can you see it/not see it?

How to Tell an Empath, with Aura Readings of Natalie Portman


Beautiful Natalie! Is she really a skilled empath and great role model for other empaths, as suggested by Anita in our earlier thread? Let’s explore.

Reading aura databanks along with me, you might find it helpful to use the photo reading technique explained at length in Read People Deeper. Actually, many of the techniques in Aura Reading Through All Your Senses would be helpful as well. One click away, you can find FAQs about aura readings here.