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Maybe You're Not as Anxious as You Thought

Just in time for Halloween, a terrifying topic

Just in time for Halloween, a terrifying topic

Today’s blog post is dedicated to Gladys, my first client for today. When asked how she was feeling, what was Gladys’s answer?


Look, Blog-Buddies. I had just done a skilled empath merge with this gal. What did I notice?

  • Big progress since our last session of aura healing and transformation.
  • A stronger grasp of human-type reality.
  • Some emotional vulnerability — nothing weird. Quite understandable, given some situations in her life right now.

No way did I notice acute anxiety. If I had, I would have referred her to a mental health professional. Like any practitioner of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES), I am qualified to help with emotional and spiritual growth. I’m not a licensed psychotherapist or counselor, not a psychiatrist. And I understand well my limits of practice.

However, two minutes of discussion cleared up the self-labeling as “Anxious.” Turned out, Gladys didn’t really mean a big-deal experience of “Anxious.” More like she felt a bit of trepidation.

And thus we were good to go. We proceeded to move forward with a session that helped Gladys move forward with her personal development.

Well, here’s my question to you: If Gladys wasn’t really “Anxious,” why did she describe her inner state with that word? See if you can guess, Blog-Buddies.