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Stop Giving Yourself a Hard Time

Being a good person? Complicated.

Being a good person? Complicated.

“To err is human,” they say. “To forgive is divine,” they say. Hey, you know what’s really human? To doubt yourself.

Some of the sweetest people around give themselves the hardest, harshest time. If you know what I’m referring to, today’s article is dedicated to you. Accordingly, I’ll refer to you as Caring Reader. Because you are a person who cares. And, yes, you really do care enough.

  • You might care about being kind to others.
  • You might care about creating quality relationships where you are treated well.
  • You might fear developing a big and disgusting, honking-loud ego.
  • You might care about political action and social justice.
  • You might care about the environment: Thinking globally, acting locally, and altogether leaving this earth a better place than it seems to be right now.
  • You might care about moving forward on your personal path to Enlightenment.

That last kind of caring is particularly common for many of us who live now, nearly two years into our planet’s shift into The Age of Energy. For many of us, vibrational shifts in collective consciousness have intensified a natural ease at noticing energy whenever we like. And with that Shift, many of us feel a greater longing than ever before to connect strongly with Spiritual Source.

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Above all, the purpose of this blog is education. Deeper Perception techniques, energetic literacy of all kinds, support self-authority for each of us. Quite recently this self-authority has been tested around issues of what constitutes an apology.

When is it appropriate to apologize?

How gracious does one need to be?

Who is responsible when somebody feels insulted or names you as the big, monstrous “insulter”?