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New Age Leftover Collection. Part 3. A Wake-Up Call.

New Age Leftover Collection

New Age Leftover Collection. Let’s carry forward the promise of Post-New-Age.

New Age Leftover Collection — you may read today’s post with a grim fascination. Because it’s a cautionary set of observations. Yet this is also a hopeful post for all of us who wish to carry forward the promise of New Age.

All of this has been prompted, as you may know, from a certain unofficial experiment in time-lapse encounters. Via the Pathways Mind-Body-Spirit Expo. Lovingly presented every six months, supporting a group of dedicated, long-term, New Agers. Arguably the region’s best.

Might you or your loved ones still live New Age? But our entire planet has shifted into The Age of Awakening. Although New Agers win loyalty points, and perseverance plaudits, hello! Now’s the time to learn some new tricks.

Please tell these so-spiritual people, “Sure you can learn how to live Post-New Age. And thrive in the process.”

Ascension Misunderstanding, Part 2. Bring on Post-New-Age Clarity!


Ascension misunderstanding

Ascension Misunderstanding is spiralling out of control for many beautiful New Agers. But we can stop this.

Ascension Misunderstanding is a serious problem in New Age today.

Described here? Two of the biggest misunderstandings. Decide for yourself what makes better sense.

Ascension Misunderstanding flares up… in gatherings of New Age-style mind-body-spirit.  Earlier, I started exploring seven biggies. Today’s Part Two article will cover two more Ascension Misunderstandings. Let’s gain more clarity.

Ascension Confusion. 7 New Age Misunderstandings

Ascension confusion

    For many New Agers, the pinwheel of Ascension Confusion is starting to spin out of control

Ascension confusion was on abundant display at the Pathways Expo yesterday. Today’s article will bring my perspective, respectfully offered. As I bring to light seven serious Post-New-Age misunderstandings.

Basically, truth has evolved since during the New Age Years. (From 1980-12/21/12.) Now we’re in The Age of Awakening. Post-New Age, we need different understandings.

Significantly different understandings. Compared with what worked during those transitional years. Seems to me, it’s imperative that caring spiritual leaders adjust better to today’s new vibrational freedom.

One alternative  is what I offer in The New Strong. You may find other alternatives, equally good. Today I’ll share the best I know. Countering popular ideas about ascension and more.

Enlightenment and Ascension in this Age of Aquarius

Aura reading research by Rose Rosetree for all you movie fans

You are more than your aura. That human body matters.

How do you know that one person’s use of the word “ascension” doesn’t line up with another’s use of the word “enlightenment”?

That smart question was asked yesterday by SARAH, at our conversation around Longing for Ascension? Ascension is a highly charged word in this new Age of Aquarius. It is associated with having a higher state of consciousness. Yesterday’s post was all about “What is ascension?”

Let’s not confuse that with Enlightenment. Spiritual Enlightenment is a state of human self-actualization. You are functioning with your full potential as a human being. Not that you have learned everything. Instead there is an integrated awareness to your mind-body-spirit system. Not a mood and not a wish but a natural and efforless state of consciousness.

You can learn a lot about Enlightenment here at the blog. Most popular is our Enlightenment Life List. My personal fave is the list of people from this community who have moved into Enlightenment. And this Top 10 Post on Enlightenment can give you a quick education that can protect you.

Yes, protect you.

Ascension Alert. Ouch!

ascension alert

Ascension Alert. That sweet longing for ascension turns smart people into dummies.

Ascension Alert! Beware dreams of ascension.

Granted, ascension is a charged word in New Age spirituality. Having worked professionally in mind-body-spirit since 1970, I heard the ascension idea long before it became mainstream. How long ago did you first hear that highly-charged word, ascension?

Today I would like to share a perspective fresh from now, living in this new Age of Awakening. What is “ascension”? And how does energetic literacy bring a perspective that could spare you a lot of unnecessary anguish?

Ascension Alert. Let’s Get Real.

Of course, ascension has a sacred meaning in Christian theology. As in, “Jesus Christ rose on the third day.”

Many who believe in The Rapture are waiting to receive a contemporary type of ascension. As in, “The righteous will stay with God for eternity. As for the rest of you, well, there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth. And you’d better practice now… how to hold your nose.”

Better than ascension for 12-21-12, vertical integration spiritually


What is the meaning of 12-21-12? My understanding keeps evolving.

  • In general, this blog records my commitment to grow and explore. And help you’all do the same, with your full self-authority.
  • In particular, I want to keep exploring about the meaning of 12-21-12. Partly because it has been a charged topic for me for decades, ever since I was told something special would happen in 2012: Ascension. (a.k.a. New Age Ascension).

Compassion and darshan with Enlightenment, a guest post by Anita

 And now another Guest Post for today. This came in yesterday as a couple of comments. As I emailed to ANITA, I was planning to take it live on Saturday.

Only today’s context seemed so perfect as a place to read this Guest Post. Because when did she write it? During 12-12, at a time of big spiritual lifting. Could “ascension” mean shifting into a higher state of consciousness, yet remaining extremely human?

And what would be the implications for someone who is a healer, whether an energy healer, a psychiatrist, an acupuncturist, any mind-body-spirit healer?

Joy deepening now, in Enlightenment, a guest post by Jill Erin


Formatting this into a guest post, I was planning to post it today. Then today became part of a larger conversation about rapidly changing vibrations on earth happening now. So here’s a new context as well.

Headings and light edits from Rose, the voice and consciousness from the one and only JILL ERIN. Blog-Buddies, notice. Living at this time of quickening vibrations, higher energy frequencies, even ascension — JILL still embraces her humanity. In fact, this helps her to evolve spiritually within householder Enlightenment.

Trying hard to be positive

I was so interested, Rose, in your reading of how Tom had, possibly through Scientology, suppressed all his pain and STUFF. And, just as you point out, the same suppression happens with all the “Engage in ONLY positive thinking”-type hooey.

Our emotions, not our brains, are the pipeline of communication with our subconscious and souls. By paying attention to our emotions and embracing them as the wealth of information they are, we can learn and grow and evolve into Enlightenment.

What is happening now energetically in December 2012.


I think I’m beginning to catch on, Blog-Buddies. I am beginning to understand “What is the meaning of 12-21-12?” What is happening vibrationally, energetically, New Age ascension-wise, whatever you want to call it.

Perhaps you can help me to understand better, and to document what is happening. This isn’t only my personal blog, you know. It is a highly interactive historical record for a certain group of people, an unstructured group that I think of as an online community about Deeper Perception.

What is Virtual Reincarnation?


Some of you have already experienced Virtual Reincarnation.

Others have experienced it but, lacking the concept, never gave yourself credit.

Still others may be tempted to try really hard when you read today’s post, trying to squoosh or mash or otherwise wrangle a way to force your past experiences into this concept.

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