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Attachment Cord Cutting Requests. What will help you more

Attachment Cord Cutting Requests. Why avoid asking for a cord cutting session? Gain clarity through inside info about cutting cords of attachment.

What will help you more than asking for “a cord cutting”? What would be smarter to ask for instead?

Cleaning and Re-Inserting Cords of Attachment


Yes, sometimes a highly skilled energy worker will take the trouble to “fix” or “improve” a cord of attachment.

Several things are really impressive about this. The healer must have enough perception to find the cord. Remove it. Clean it. Know when the cleaning is done. Replace the cord where it had been before.

Gee, by comparison, mere “brain surgery” could be considered a skill for the clumsy.

When Energy Workers Brush Away Cords


Have you ever had a session where an energy worker “removed” your cords of attachment?

The most common version is called “brushing away cords.”

It’s as though your aura was a carpet that the energy worker meant to clean. Cords would

What’s wrong with The Quickie Method to Cut Cords


Has anyone told you that all you need do is ask Archangel Michael and he will move out all of your cords of attachment?

Sometimes this is done as a visualization.

Other times it is done verbally, no visualization included — like a spell that could have been taught at Hogwarts.

Clarification about Cords of Attachment


Well knock me over with a feather, Blog-Buddies. Or with a google, which is more what happened this morning.

I was up before 7:00 this morning, so eager to work on articles. It’s the day of my annual Workshop to Cut Cords of Attachment, and a couple of clients are coming over as well. But I had no idea that such a busy day would include the google/feather thing.

Can You Cut a Cord of Attachment Belonging to Someone Else?


Spring is not in the air. Nor is blithesome romance.

Although the popular mood need not prevent you from feeling quite wonderful.

I have been receiving two unusual requests from clients. In my 39 years of work with clients, both requests are new. And both requests have been made urgently by significant numbers of clients.

Why the Confusion about Cutting Cords of Attachment?


Cords of Attachment can be removed quickly and rather easily, in a permanent way. It takes about one hour to do the job properly, cutting one Cord of Attachment.

By contrast, clearing up confusion about Cords of Attachment is taking many hours, and posts in this series. I hope you Blog-Buddies are having as much fun with it as I am. Especially Suzanne, whose questions prompted this educational series.

Can You Accept Your Potential to Cut Cords of Attachment?


So many of us have agonized over relationships, it can seem too simple. Can you really, permanently, Cut Cords of Attachment? Blog-Buddy Suzanne asked:

I guess it is just seeming like I must have a million cords and even if I cut them all I would just keep right on creating them.

You don’t have a million major Cut Cords of Attachment. You merely have a few dozen, plus several dozen more minor Cords of Attachment And every one of them can be cut permanently, provided that a quality method is used.

Q&A Cut Cords of Attachment



To cut Cords of Attachment is to be involved in one of the most powerful techniques available today for holistic healing and psychological healing.

You might have questions as a client, a prospective client, a healer, or a healer who’s considering learning my 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®.

Or you might have questions as a complete newbie, someone just learning about this amazing Cut Cords option for the first time.

Cut Cords of Attachment – Radio Interview


Curious about cutting cords of attachment? Tune in this Monday, Dec. 22, 11 p.m. to midnight, for an interview on “So So Sensitive” with Intuitive Advisor Karen J. Lewis.

You will be able to ask questions, I believe. And from what I know, having met Karen, she’s going to have some very good ones herself.

Many people have questions about cutting cords, and I find it is really important to ask them because so much misinformation exists about what it really means to cut a cord of attachment.