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Charm wiki. Let’s collect deeper perceptions about charm.

Blog-Buddy LARA won first prize in our Charm Contest. She made a great suggestion, commenting when I rewarded her with the Aura Reading Tom Hiddleston with The Charm Collection of Chakra Databanks. In Comment #3 she wrote:

“Rose do you off the top of your head know any good people to find and research charm in?”

Aura Reading a Big Charmer, Rob Lowe

Aura reading for cham, starring Rob Lowe

Aura reading for cham, starring Rob Lowe

My, how our charm conversations are growing!

Still we can investigate further, what makes a person charming? I had promised in a previous post to do aura reading research on someone who is a big deal charmer, of a scrupulous and relatively sweet kind.

Because energetic literacy can reveal some big differences between being attractive, likeable, sexy, or winsome… versus charming.

One actor I like, who just oozes adorb, is Rob Lowe. Recently I saw him on a talk show, promoting his second memoir. Referring to himself as self-centered. Sweetly making this self-deprecating reference.