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Rose Rosetree's Aura Reading Movie Reviews

Aura reading movie reviews

Rose Rosetree, inviting you to enjoy this year’s aura reading movie reviews

Aura reading movie reviews — how does this Energy READING Coach do them? Energetic literacy has many practical uses. This one may not be so practical. But it will fascinate anyone seriously interested in acting.

Regrettably, this year we are already so close to the national broadcast of the Academy Awards. Unlike other years, I have not posted my typical half a dozen aura readings yet.

Fortunately, aura reading research can be done after the Oscars are given out. I still plan to do half a dozen this year, plus joyfully adding any guest posts done by you Blog-Buddies.

And tomorrow, promise, I will post #1 in the series of Aura Reading Movie Reviews for Oscar Nominees in 2013. Today, though, I want to supply some important context.

You see, Blog-Buddies, here’s what happened yesterday. I prepared the first of those excursions into Stage Three Energetic Literacy. I was getting ready to post it…

For this #1 of the series, I had chosen an actor at random from the set of Academy Award nominees, an actor I admire. Then I sailed into investigating his chakra databanks, comparing the actor as himself and then a still from the movie, with the actor in the Oscar-nominated role.

Well, the score of his Chakra Change Points wasn’t good. None of my findings about him were wonderful, neither how the actor is doing at this time in his life nor about his performance.

One of those uh-oh moments with Deeper Perception

How I hate that, when I wind up going counter-culture. It was depressing, framing a conclusion for this Aura Reading Movie Review.

Before posting this article, I shared the sad tidings of this aura reading research with a friend who advised me in so many words, “Don’t publish it, Rose. This is an acclaimed performance. Protect your own reputation, because publishing this could make YOU look bad.”

My immediate reaction? This human being FELT bad. Not that I feared hurting the mega-famous, adored actor. Gee, which of us is more rich and famous and influential?

Besides, I believed the truth of my aura reading research. Also I knew that, out of integrity, I would neither change the language of my findings nor suppress what I found.