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Sally Hawkins Aura Reading Movie Review

Sally Hawkins Aura Reading Movie Review

Sally Hawkins Aura Reading Movie Review. Does she deserve to win the Oscar for her performance as a mute in “The Shape of Water”?

Sally Hawkins Aura Reading Movie Review. Counting as #6 in our series of 2018 Academy Award research articles, this one will be unique. Because the Oscar-nominated actress plays a mute woman. And I’ve preceded this article with what, for comparison?

A Skilled Empath Merge of a woman who really is mostly mute. Might I suggest you read this Skilled Empath Merge before reading further in today’s post?

Spiritual Perspective, Oscars. Newsletter!

Spiritual Perspective, Oscars.

Spiritual Perspective, Oscars. Why would this blog devote so many posts each year to the Academy Awards?

Spiritual Perspective, Oscars. Glitzy and gaudy. Dramatic and funny. Such is the Academy Awards Season, culminating in Oscar night. Three weeks from today, March 4.

That’s show biz. Naturally, movie lovers are practically drooling in anticipation. But why would seekers of personal growth care one bit?

Why care, you RES folks with Enlightenment as a daily experience? How about you Blog-Buddies who are empaths?

Academy Awards Aura Readings 2017. A Flash Contest

Academy Awards Aura Readings

Rose Rosetree, inviting you to enjoy Academy Awards Aura Readings 2017

Do you love those celeb-celebrations that come each February? Then enter our new Flash Contest. Academy Awards Aura Readings 2017 will continue a gleeful blog tradition that goes back many years.

Are you already a really huge fan…? Fan of the ways I use energetic literacy for aura reading movie reviews! Well, this contest gives you a chance to win an aura reading of the star of your choice.

Did you catch any performance that you really loved?

Is there any star who makes you especially curious?

Or just as somebody who loves acting, wouldn’t you love to know what makes a popular actor tick? Because this kind of movie review reveals what happened all the way down to the subconscious level, where chakra databanks always reveal an amazing truth.

Aura Reading Movie Review Starring Alicia Vikander

Rachel McAdams, ready for her aura reading movie review

Alicia Vikander, ready for her aura reading movie review

Yes! For our last aura reading of this year’s Oscar nominees, I choose Alicia Vikander. At our Contest for This Year’s Aura Reading Movie Reviews, her performance was nominated by IRENE. Also by GRACE, who wrote:

“I thought her performance was wonderful, with quite an emotional range. She convincingly portrayed this spouse who witnessed and stood by her beloved husband transforming into who he felt he really was.

“Alicia Vikander is having quite a year, another reason I think it would be interesting to have an aura reading.”

Aura Reading Movie Reviews! Dozens by Rose Rosetree!

Movie reviewing

An aura reading movie review? Find out what the fun is all about.

What’s aura reading movie reviewing? You’re about to find out. It’s one of my favorite applications of energetic literacy. And this post gives you dozens to choose from.

It’s a very Age of Awakening application of energetic literacy, researching which actors are able to change so deeply, it registers at their subconscious minds and chakra databanks. To see how it’s done, just click on any of the links below.

Now… drumroll… here is a first-name alphabetical list of movie performances where I did this sort of aura reading. (You’ll also find energetic literacy articles on actors and other celebrities here.)

7 Reasons Why We Love the Movies. (And do movies really bring healing, or are we fooling ourselves?)

Parthenon on the Acropolis -- Not Where You're Likely to See Today's Movies

Parthenon on the Acropolis — Not Where You’re Likely to See Today’s Movies

What happens to your perspective on movies when you learn energetic literacy? What happens when, as an aura reader or skilled empath (or both!) you start paying attention to how people grow?

You separate wheat from chaff. That’s what.

Here are seven reasons for loving the movies. After each reason, I’ll add my perspective from energetic literacy.

We love movies because they deliver something — seven somethings. But does that bring authentic healing? Or is it only a pleasing illusion?

Please share today’s article with your adventurous movie-loving friends.

Rose Rosetree's Aura Reading Movie Reviews for Oscar Nominees… and a Contest

An Oscar, holding up an aspiring actor who did not win the award in 2008.

An Oscar, holding up an aspiring actor who did not win the award in 2008.

Watching movies can be good for you. Those movies can be such a powerful, rapid way to gather life experiences without having to incarnate into the various lifetimes and plots portrayed in gut-wrenching films.

Besides, movies are one of the great art forms of our current era — another fine reason to watch them.

But to this aura reader and general fan of techniques for energetic literacy? Ha! Those perfectly fine reasons are teensy enticements.

So trivial when compared to what motivates me, year after year, to do Aura Reading Movie Reviews.

What this kind of research taught me about energetic literacy

When new to energetic literacy, I believed that people couldn’t lie on the level of their auras.

Since then, I have learned a bit.  The system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R) has evolved to include skills for accurately reading chakra databanks. So I discovered that some world-class actors (and others) could change all the way down to their chakra databanks.

That is where the amazing prospect arises for aura reading movie reviews. They have taught me so much about auras, chakra databanks, and the degree to which certain people really can change all the way down to altering patterns on the level of chakra databanks. 

Aura Reading Movie Review Starring Denzel Washington

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Dreamy Denzel is the first Academy Award Nominee being researched in 2013 for our annual Aura Reading Movie Reviews. I greatly enjoy this year’s photo of Denzel with a gorgeous younger woman. We’re all used to seeing celebrity couples where the woman is young enough to be the man’s daughter. Well, this time it really is Denzel Washington’s daughter.

Olivia is an aspiring actress. At 22, she is the famous actor’s daughter, not his latest hottie. While Denzel Washington’s wife is 62.

Personally, I’m ready to give Mr. Washington an award just for Celebrity Sanity.

Do Aura Reading Movie Reviews

aura reading movie reviews

You can just read my aura reading movie reviews. Or you can learn how to DO them yourself. Your choice!

Aura reading movie reviews? I do them. Other Blog-Buddies have done them. Just use your skills of Stage Three Energetic Literacy and go! Here’s how.

Just 10 days before the Academy Awards. You know what that means, here at the Land of Energetic Literacy. I have an annual custom of comparing auras of top-nominated actors with their auras in roles; it’s a way to show that deeper perception can be practical. 10 actors in 10 days. In 2010. Wow!

And the purpose of this blog post is to teach you a way that you can also do a version of Aura Reading Movie Reviews.