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Meditation Problems Uncovered with Spiritual Path Consults™

Meditation Problems

Meditation Problems — they show clearly with Spiritual Path Consults™

Meditation Problems — can they be uncovered through Spiritual Path Consults? Definitely.

Don’t let a pretty name like “meditation” blind you to a not-so-pretty reality. Because this Enlightenment Coach has helped clients to recognize unsuspected problems. Like the shocker you’ll hear on the recording supplied in today’s blog post.

Explaining RES to the Logical. A Guest Post by IRENE

IRENE, a big thinker, this time pictured in a rather big place

IRENE, a big thinker, this time pictured in a rather big place

Why does your personal energy matter for personal growth?

And, assuming that your personal energies do matter, among the many ways that people seek improvement energetically, what makes this field, Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) different?

Blog-Buddies, we’ve had much here discussion lately about how to introduce friends or family members to this distinctive specialty within mind-body-spirit. Comments at this guest post have taught me a lot.

And that education has only continued with the guest post and comments at Stick with those RES Sessions. A Guest Post by Lilian .

Thoughtful Blog-Buddy IRENE has given all this some thought. Today’s blog post shares her insights.

Frustrations of an RES Apprentice. A Guest Post by LEO

Wishing on dandelions? Good for the placebo effect. Is RES any different?

Wishing on dandelions? Good for the placebo effect. Is RES any different?

Quite a topic area has been opened up with yesterday’s article! Part 1 of a short series began to examine The Ugly Side of Seeking Enlightenment. And How Aura Reading Can Help You on Your Spiritual Path.

Usually this blog is reader-friendly. I’ll share my perspective to the extent that I think it can help you Blog-Buddies. Comments and blog posts are only personal to the extent I deem helpful or historically interesting.

But sometimes we experts at Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) have additional frustrations related to what is mainstream in New Age spirituality and mainstream ideas about energy, healing, and so forth.

Lessons from My Garden: Is Spring Supposed to Be This?

little tree

Yes, it’s the first day of spring. Yes, but.

Today I had big plans for planting. Four svelte and shiny little evergreen trees are perched in their pots. Plump bags of fancy soil are my new purchases too; promises written on the packages inspire me; this soil ought to help my new arborvites get off to a great start.

All my gardening plans are in place. Except for the forecast today: cold rain and maybe even snow.

But everything has been scheduled! A nice piece of time set aside, after church, is to be my glorious time for planting. Well, glorious except for that weather forecast, which is so not included in my official plans.

I’m Not Ungrateful, Not Really

President Obama's Letter to Me. A Guest Post by GRACE W.

When a letter comes in on butterfly wings... or even better

When a letter comes in on butterfly wings… or even better

Surprisingly quickly, several of you Blog-Buddies commented after I posted a comparison aura reading of President Obama. (Thanks, one and all.)

Among the responses, there was some discussion of a letter GRACE W received from Obama. Such a rare honor! Yet it is said that, each day, President Obama reads 10 letters sent to him. So members of the president’s staff must have found GRACE’s letter pretty special. But had he signed that letter personally?

Back at yesterday’s post, President Obama — How His Aura Has Changed, as part of the discussion I explained how GRACE could use a technique of energetic literacy to research. Yes, she could definitely use her aura reading skills to research whether or not the signature on her letter was personally written by the POTUS himself.

Yet one more practical use of aura reading! I sure never thought of it before. But then I’m always learning from my students and clients.