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Today’s Sweet Swap. A Free Aura Reading.

Today's Sweet Swap

Today’s Sweet Swap may inspire you, like sunshine lighting up a cold landscape. Waking up YOUR connection to joy.

Today’s Sweet Swap is complete now. But…

Welcome to all of you who seek to share inspiration. And thanks so much to all of you who have entered within the time constraints that made this fun sharing manageable for me.

Although the aura reading opportunity in this post is over, the fun sure isn’t. Please check back often, reading comments that will tell you about aura-level Gifts of the Soul from the folks you’ve met through this thread.

Please feel free to add comments of your own, not for swapping purposes but to share some of your unique wisdom. Personally, I love reading what you have to say.

And now back to the original blog post…

Today’s Sweet Swap. Do you feel saddened, outraged, or scared about the latest political news?

Have you felt discouraged for any reason? Maybe you even found it hard to get up today?

Did you know? Besides your personal worries, seems to me, right now there’s a big, frozen hopelessness in collective consciousness. Like a desolate landscape. For now, at least.

All the more reason to live juicy and strong! Because that’s way more fun. Plus, who gets to contribute to collective consciousness? You do!

Jeremy Corbyn, Political Aura Reading

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn — here’s aura reading perspective on the controversial British politician/

Jeremy Corbyn is in the spotlight today, at least if you live in England and you’re getting ready to vote on June 8. What does his aura say?

At our current contest, Money Happy Contest Starts Today, a few different Blog-Buddies nominated the controversial politician. They really wanted him to get the full energetic literacy treatment. How could I resist, after these fascinating comments from BERNIE?

Energetic Literacy Flowchart. Showing 15 Stages of RES Energetic Literacy

energetic literacy flowchart 2


Announced on November 7, 2017: This flowchart is now obsolete. Click here to learn about 21 Stages of Energetic Literacy now used in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

Energetic Literacy Flowchart, yes, bring it on!

However, I’ve gotta tell you, Blog-Buddies. This chart is way obsolete. When my website redesign finally goes live, you’ll see an updated flowchart about 21 Stages of Energetic Literacy.

Three ways to be a leader with Energetic Literacy


Chinese leaders at using Energetic Literacy

Rose Rosetree with two Chinese leaders at using Energetic Literacy

Yesterday, at the Pathways Expo, I kept my promise here at the blog, giving a Chinese-speaking reader the gift of a copy of the new Chinese edition of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.

This was a delight, as was my experience at this holistic Expo. It started me thinking about the leadership edge a person can find through developing Energetic Literacy.

Just as mathematics is the language for all of science, so is aura reading the language for all forms of energy healing. It is essential for us living in this new Age of Energy.

Where is the leadership edge today in Mind Body Spirit?

Here are three ways that Energetic Literacy can help you to be a leader in your social circle, your family, your community.

Aura Reading Book Review

 Aura Reading Book Review

Aura Reading Book Review by DAVID BUCKLAND

 Aura Reading Book Review from Enlightenment Coach DAVID BUCKLAND praises the power and accessibility of Rose Rosetree’s how-to books.

This article is cross-posted at DAVID’s blog,  in2Deep. I am adding headings, minor copy edits, and a lot of thanks for this perceptive review of my two books on aura reading, as read by a man with a deep, rich background in spiritual development.

YouTubes, Aura Reading Osama bin Laden, and Energetic Literacy Workshops


Rob McConnell is the top woo-woo broadcaster in Canada. He’s got it all, from the gorgeous kind of voice that belongs in radio broadcasting…  to the smooth way of directing a conversation so that most listeners don’t even notice how skillfully the conversation is being shaped.

It has been years since Rob McConnell interviewed me. Originally we were just going to discuss face reading and the wedding of Wills and Kate, which we did. But given current news, we also included an aura reading of Osama bin Laden.

Aura Reading of Hideki Matsui

Annette Bening Aura Reading


Let the fun continue! It’s time for an Aura Reading inning, as we celebrate that most valuable player, Hideki. Join me in the reading by using your own skills, checking out one chakra databank at a time. Or just read along and add comments based on what you have noticed watching this baseball great on the field.

And if you’re interested in Face Reading skills, be sure to check out this earlier blog post, the Face Reading of Mr. Matsui.

Phelps Pot Smoking No Biggie? Ask an Aura Reader.

Annette Bening Aura Reading


What’s the big deal about smoking pot? Aura Reading helps to explain why it really is dangerous, distorting, and far more serious than pop culture would have us believe.

Controversy swirls, thicker than fumes from a joint, courtesy of the now-notorious Michael Phelps bong photo published at News of the Use this Aura Reading Insider’s link to find a larger version of the picture. The larger photo, starting at the upper right corner, is the one with the bong.

Aura Reading on YouTube


Have you been curious about Aura Reading? I have been. I still am. And a big part of the fun, for me, is not just doing Aura Reading a lot but also teaching people like you how to do it.

Everyone was given a complete gift set that can be used to become a really good aura reader. Recently I filmed a set of YouTube videos about different parts of my work, and one is about Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R), the system I use to help people succeed.

Check out my Aura Reading YouTube video here.

Aura Research Workshop to Shape Your New Year

Aura reader Rose Rosetree





Whatever you are planning to do in this new year, and whomever you’re planning to share it with, maybe it could help to do some research at the level of aura reading.

This method is what I will be teaching at my upcoming one-day Aura Reading Workshop, annually offered at the start of a new year.