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Trump Aura. Energy Spirituality Perspective

Trump Aura Reading 2019 — Energy Spirituality perspective concludes this two-part series.

Trump Aura Reading continues to bring an Energy Spirituality perspective. That means using energetic literacy skills. Not a psychic reading. Nor New Age energy reading. But today’s energetic literacy skills.

Read and then feel free to comment below. What leaps out at you, as I describe Trump’s energies and SUBCONSCIOUS state of mind?

Trump as Second Coming of Christ.

Trump as Spiritual King?

Trump as Spiritual King? Did you know that millions of Americans believe in Trump as the second coming of Christ?

Trump as Second Coming of Christ? Or earth’s Spiritual KING?

Sure, the idea may seem ludicrous, preposterous, revolting. Or to use a technical term, coo-coo.

And yet many Evangelicals now consider the Donald to be the Second Coming of Christ. More on that later in this article.

But first, aura reading to the rescue. The sanity rescue! Because energetic literacy tells us the truth about people. For instance, what’s really going on with Trump, spiritually.

Stop Weeping over American Politics

Stop Weeping

Stop Weeping. Now is a great time to start something else instead. Using your power.

Stop Weeping over American Politics. What’s the latest from Trump and his enablers?  Horrifyingly, the caging of children. What if you can’t stop crying over that?

Today’s blog post isn’t just ripped from the headlines. It’s ripped from my power circuits. Ripped from my sense of outrage. And not only outrage at Republican politicians who join with Trump. But at people who squander their power when they could be using it.

Dear hearts, you could do better!

Election Aura Reading


Our votes matter. It is not enough to passively wish, "God bless America."

Election aura reading — that is how I can help my country to elect our next president.

Election aura reading? Of course. This article summarizes how I’ll do aura reading for you for America’s Presidential Election 2016.

Even though this is not a political blog, I have always recommended using energetic literacy skills to research how you will vote. For an American, what could be more important than becoming an informed voter in this year’s presidential election?

This is what I dreamed elections would be like in the Age of Awakening: Candidates and speakers in Enlightenment. Delivering messages of inspiration, truth, and fairness… that would show all the way through to what their energy fields were saying. Totally suitable for aura reading inspiration to match appealing words.

Well, half of that wish came true. Before I start the detailed aura reading articles to come, here’s a preview of speakers you can watch on YouTube. Every one of these politicians is on my Enlightenment Life List.