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Aura 101 Graduation Essay

Aura 101

What’s it like to learn aura reading from my online workshop? One new grad shares her experience.

Aura 101 Graduation Essay… from the online workshop where I teach how to read auras. In detail. All the way down to a person’s chakra databanks.

Energetic Holograms

Energetic Holograms

Energetic Holograms are a relatively tricky-to-find part of your aura. Today’s new YouTube video helps answer the question, “Why bother to read them?”

Energetic Holograms. Why is it important to know about them? And why haven’t you learned of them before? (Except at this blog) See a new YouTube video.

How is that even possible? Reading these whisper-fine parts of your aura and mine?

Aura Reading Online Workshop. Available Now.


Aura Reading Online Workshop

Aura Reading Online Workshop begins today, including a FREE introductory workshop

Yes, really! My Aura Reading Online Workshop — today it becomes available. Today’s also the first day for my FREE Introductory workshop “Aura Reading for YOU.”

Here’s a link to sign up for the FREE Intro. When you check out this new resource, you’ll find it on the left. Scroll down a bit.

Yes, really! That’s where to start aura reading, with the free introductory workshop. Five lessons. Much knowledge and zero obligation!

After finishing “Aura Reading for YOU” then you can decide if you’re ready to go on to the full workshop, “Aura Reading Online Workshop.” Today’s blog post answers seven Q&A’s about it.

How seriously do you have to study "The Aura"?


A recent comment about aura reading got me thinking. Blog-Buddy Sherry wrote:

I did not actually study the aura right off, and once I did I knew I wouldn’t have been ready for it early on…so that was great advice about not possibly being ready to study the aura.

There were many things I was not ready for until I expanded my awareness through regular practice of meditation, chakra work, decrees, etc etc. Increasing my knowledge and steadily raising my vibrations as I went along was key for me being ready for, and to understand, certain things.

How important is it, really, to study “The Aura”?

Aura Reading Workshop March 19-21, Interview Tonight

aura workshop, clairvoyance workshop



The secret is out. During this Aura Reading Workshop, for the first time anywhere, I’ll include a special treat — teaching a sequence of steps to open up all seven chambers of your throat chakra.

Consequences of this technique? Amazing.

Use your own perception to find out what happens to your power as a communicator, how you wake up from inside. It’s a kind of co-created initiation in to verbal power. And you

Last Day Early Bird Fee… for Workshop to Set Goals


Calling all goal-oriented people who want to get the very most out of this new year, this new decade, and beyond.

One week from today is my annual workshop where you learn to do Thrill Your Soul readings of your own aura. This brings nuance and wisdom, helping you to make better choices. Aura Reading techniques make the difference.

Aura Reading for Better Choices in Life

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Many of you Blog-Buddies have experimented with aura reading. Yet you haven’t learned the aura reading techniques that would make it truly practical.

And as we begin a new year and new decade, it’s a great time to change that. Consider attending a one-day workshop to help you make better choices in life, courtesy of some super easy, and practical, techniques of aura reading. 

Aura Reading and Face Reading News in Russia






Today I received our latest foreign rights contract. Piter Press, in St. Petersburg, will publish Read People Deeper.

This adds to editions already published, or in press, in Lebanon and India.

The photo here shows me at the Frankfurt Book Fair. I’m looking forward to working with Maria Smirnova, of Piter, the Foreign Rights Manager who made this opening into deeper perception for Russia begin to happen.

Phelps Pot Smoking No Biggie? Ask an Aura Reader.

Annette Bening Aura Reading


What’s the big deal about smoking pot? Aura Reading helps to explain why it really is dangerous, distorting, and far more serious than pop culture would have us believe.

Controversy swirls, thicker than fumes from a joint, courtesy of the now-notorious Michael Phelps bong photo published at News of the Use this Aura Reading Insider’s link to find a larger version of the picture. The larger photo, starting at the upper right corner, is the one with the bong.

Aura Reading on YouTube


Have you been curious about Aura Reading? I have been. I still am. And a big part of the fun, for me, is not just doing Aura Reading a lot but also teaching people like you how to do it.

Everyone was given a complete gift set that can be used to become a really good aura reader. Recently I filmed a set of YouTube videos about different parts of my work, and one is about Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R), the system I use to help people succeed.

Check out my Aura Reading YouTube video here.