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Enlightenment Guest Post. LIANE

Enlightenment Guest Post

Enlightenment Guest Post. Can you cuss like a sailor and still live in Enlightenment? LIANE does.

Enlightenment Guest Post by LIANE. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here’s our first guest post ever from a professional rancher in the American West. Now on the list of folks who’ve moved into Enlightenment, helped by RES.

Prepare for some unconventional reactions to her recent Enlightenment Validation.

Why I Seek Householder Enlightenment, Not Renunciation. A Guest Post by JESS

Doing laundry as part of his path to Householder Enlightenment

Doing laundry as part of his path to Householder Enlightenment

Get ready for a riveting guest post, if you care about finding a spiritual path that works for you.

Some context first: Sex scandals of spiritual gurus was discussed here at the blog in a series of articles, back in 2013, within the first year of The Age of Awakening.

Since then collective consciousness has definitely been awakening, and that includes further unfolding within the system of RES (Rosetree Energy Spirituality).

Many articles at this blog have documented how many Blog-Buddies here have moved into Enlightenment. I have been using the term “Householder Enlightenment” to describe this breakthrough, which is so very Age of Awakening compared to ages past, when seekers of Enlightenment would live as renunciates: Monks, nuns, priests, recluses.

You can now find a wealth of information here about a path tht helps for pursuing Householder Enlightenment, Human-Based Spirituality.

Aura Reading Tom Hanks for Inspiration

Aura Reading Tom Hanks for inspiration

Aura Reading Tom Hanks for inspiration

Tom Hanks, bringing inspiration right in his aura.

Well I, for one, am so glad to be nearing completion of our 6-part series about how to deal with difficult people, with insight from reading people deeper. That series began here.

Important and practical? Sure. Yet the topic isn’t exactly pure joy.

And hey, today is our first day of spring (in this hemisphere) (that didn’t begin with an eclipse).

I could stand some inspiration, and maybe you can too. Besides, who doesn’t really, really like Tom Hanks? Beloved as the A-lister is, maybe he hasn’t always felt that comfortable being Tom. Not so comfortable as he clearly is now. Let’s find out.

PAULA LAWLEY joins my Enlightenment Life List

May Enlightenment flower within you

May Enlightenment flower within you

It’s simple, really. PAULA LAWLEY is a mother, active in her Christian church, helping her son to move towards becoming an Eagle Scout.

Professionally PAULA is equally a powerhouse. She works in technology, communications, media, and marketing.

No current photo is available, but I just got off the phone with her. At the end of our session, I used my procedure for Enlightenment Validation.

And now she is #19 at the list of folks in this informal Energy Spirituality community who have moved into Enlightenment. On the regular Enlightenment Life List, she is right up there. Take a look!

Paula’s non-dramatic path to Enlightenment

Although not very active at this blog (so far, anyway), PAULA has done sessions with me off and on since 2010. I’m so glad she attended that talk I gave at the Reston Public Library.

Some Gentle Controversy around Enlightenment Coaching

JILL ERIN, one of our Blog-Buddies who has benefitted from Enlightenment Coaching

JILL ERIN, one of our Blog-Buddies who has benefitted from Enlightenment Coaching

Let’s start a series of articles exploring Householder Enlightenment. Jeffrey Chappell, author of Answers from Silence, recently joined me for a two-part conversation where we improvised an interview for the purpose of Enlightenment Coaching. We alternated interviewing each other, then answering questions in our very different ways.

Before those two audio blog posts (and others) to come in this series, I invite you thoughtful Blog-Buddies to consider how big a range there can be in Enlightenment Coaching.

Enlightenment or Awakening? An Enlightenment Coach looks at PRIMMIE's gorgeous experience, Part 2


Awakened or Enlightened?

Awakened or Enlightened?

Thanks to Blog-Buddy PRIMMIE, here’s a rare opportunity to compare and contrast what self-actualization means. Let’s conclude this series of articles with examples to help illustrate the difference between Spiritual Awakening and Spiritual Enlightenment  (a.k.a. Householder Enlightenment).

Comment #51 by PRIMMIE sure caught my attention at Moving into Enlightenment, My Story. A guest post by SANDRA HAERING:

“I don’t know if atheists are very honest, but I do think I could never follow something that didn’t feel right, so I would have to wait around for a very clear connection to God. It would have to be a strong thunk on the head sort of experience. Other people talking about a thing, however lovely, hasn’t ever made me feel one drop of belief…

“It is very funny to me that I’ve overnight given up the idea of being an atheist and seen that it is simply a concept. How I’ve loved being an atheist. Now it just doesn’t matter. Feeling Divine dismantles things with ease.”

As PRIMMIE noted elsewhere while commenting recently at SANDRA’s beautiful guest post:

“I’m not sure when I found this site, over 5 years ago. I remember reading about Enlightenment and thinking it was something I wasn’t remotely interested in. Now I love reading about it. It makes me very happy because it seems to me to be a call to self and makes such sense and is beautiful.”

Awakened or Enlightened? An Enlightenment Coach looks at PRIMMIE's gorgeous experience, Part 1

An Enlightenment Coach who understands being outside in a rocky place, seeking Awakening or Enlightenment

An Enlightenment Coach who understands being outside in a rocky place, seeking Awakening or Enlightenment

Regular readers at this blog know the most recent specialty at “Deeper Perception Made Practical” is the work I do as an Enlightenment Coach. That isn’t how I set out to write about face reading, aura reading, or Empath Empowerment(R). I would have had plenty to do with just one of those specialties. The same deal with all the skill sets in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (including long before it was named “Rosetree Energy Spirituality.”)

Many fans and lurkers at “Deeper Perception Made Practical” have zero interest in Enlightenment. I get that. Pick and choose what interests you, of course.

Yet my lifelong pursuit of spiritual growth (and work since 1970 as a spiritual teacher) has blossomed in recent years, along with a sense of calling to help people understand that Enlightenment does not have to be for renunciates. 

Householder Enlightenment is the name of the game for millions of people living today. Not that all of us are Enlightened yet. Rather, Householder Enlightenment is a distinct possibility. In fact, attaining this state of consciousness may be one of the main reasons why YOU incarnated now.

AMY outs herself as Enlightened, #13 from our Deeper Perception community

AMY, in Enlightenment by age 24, how great is that?

AMY, in Enlightenment by age 24, how great is that?

AMY is that latest Blog-Buddy to move into Enlightenment. Here is her report, bringing such joy to this Enlightenment Coach, and maybe also to YOU!

Blog-Buddies, I have added headings, links, just that tiny bit of editing. You go, AMY!

Enlightenment Coaching Pops Up During a Routine Session of Rosetree Energy Spirituality

During my last session with Rose (which was a Name Alignment Session, and I am so excited about changing my name this month) she did a skilled empath merge. Rose said she wondered if I had perhaps crossed over the threshold into Enlightenment.

  • She described many of my chakra databanks, and they were all balanced and STUFF-free.
  • She said a kind of joy pervaded my energy field, that she said was quite typical of Enlightenment.
  • She asked me some questions related to Enlightenment at the end of my session and all of that seemed true of my experience as well.

Not in a Rush about Enlightenment (A Good Sign, According to Rose)

The session was more than two weeks ago now.

At the time of the session I was surprised by her assessment.

During that session itself (similar to Adam McIntosh’s experience at the dentist, described in his blog post here) , I got a very subtle question asking if I wanted to be Enlightened.

The Power of Prayer, a Guest Post by JULIE from my Enlightenment Life List


Prayer power, in Enlightenment and as part of one's path to Enlightenment

Prayer power, in Enlightenment and as part of one’s path to Enlightenment

Blog-Buddies, so often the juice of this blog lies in the comments. Today’s Guest Post began as a shortish comment at Householder Enlightenment, a guest post by JULIE after nearly two years in Enlightenment .

What a gem from JULIE! Wisdom about Householder Enlightenment. JULIE was responding to Comment 4 by ALLISON at that aforementioned guest post.

How can an Enlightened person wisely handle distressing current events, troubling stories in the news? Maybe not too differently from people who have not yet crossed the threshold into Enlightenment.

For sure, I am not the only Enlightenment Coach around here! From me, headings and all the rest comes from Enlightenment Coach JULIE!

Being of  Service to Others, Pre-Enlightenment or in Enlightenment

The better I take care of myself, mentally and emotionally, the more I can be of service to myself and others. From that standpoint, I read and pay attention to the news, but not too much.

If there is something that troubles me deeply, I will hold a space for it.

Householder Enlightenment, a guest post by JULIE after nearly two years in Enlightenment

Julie in Householder Enlightenment, ready for you to read her aura any time

Julie in Householder Enlightenment, ready for you to read her aura any time

JULIE BLAKE EDISON is a very important person at this blog. March 29, 2012, she outed herself as Enlightened right in Comment #4 at Surprise, Enlightenment!

Her sister  plays a part in this story as well. At a “This and that” blog post (just linked to) nearly two years ago, I announced the first person in this online community to move into Enlightenment. (To my knowledge.) For privacy, I called her “GLADYS.”

One Blog-Buddy — one — out of all who lurk or comment at this blog — one very cool person and only one person wrote (In Comment #3): “And I am very curious about the enlightened student. Wish we could know who it is! Wow, that is very exciting.”

How could JULIE resist when that blog commenter was her only sibling? So Julie let everyone know more about her, including her name. 

A lot has happened since then. JULIE made use of Name Alignment Research to find a name that suited her better. She recounts making it legal in this blog post: Name Alignment Research, a powerful new way to express your soul. See Comments 17 – 20 there. Sure brings joy to this Enlightenment Coach, Rose Rosetree.

And her sister, formerly SUZANNE, also made use of this form of Soul Thrill Aura Reading Research that I offer and became “KYLIE.”  Graciously she wrote this Guest Post: Changing My Name after Name Alignment Research, a guest post by KYLIE .

Today some of this fun continues with a progress report by JULIE, nearly two years after moving into Enlightenment. Words and wisdom belong to her, that human identity known as “JULIE BLAKE EDISON.” While I get to decorate with headings, a bit of light editing, links. Now, make way for JULIE! Here’s what she has to say now, an honest description of Householder Enlightenment, what it has been like for her.

Enlightenment as a State of Consciousness that Leaves Room to Grow

For me, I have these waves of progress and times of being drenched in Divine qualities…alternating with times of discontent and awareness of more work to be done. As has been described by some at this blog in slightly different words.