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How President Obama Has Evolved, Face Reading Part 3

Face Reading Secrets®, usually festive.

Face Reading Secrets®, usually festive.

Using when I read faces it’s festive, celebratory even.

But today is Good Friday, a day when you might ask your Catholic and Protestant friends if it’s okay before you blurt out, “Joyous Easter!”

I’ve chosen today to give you an uncharacteristically somber look at changes to President Obama’s face. Today’s article concludes a three-part series of face readings.

Much as I encourage you to read what follows, might I recommend that you in by checking out the first two parts of this series?

And now, once again let’s start exploring ways that President Obama’s face has altered.

Two new photographs will be introduced later in this face reading article, but they aren’t pictures of America’s current president.

Aura Reading in America’s New Age

Annette Bening Aura Reading


The elephant has left the living room. Even without Aura Reading you can feel it, but — as with so many situations in life — Aura Reading adds the most delicious relish.

With the election of our first African-American president, something in our collective consciousness has changed. Even the stodgy Washington Post carried a quote (from California, where else?) that now there is a “new aura” in America.

Sarah Palin and More Crooked Smiles–Face Readings of Politicians

Abigail Breslin Aura Reading


Reading this vital data about integrity is as easy as saying, “Cheese.”

That’s good. Because if you read faces for only one thing during Campaign 2008, here’s the most important thing you can do to rise above spin: Keep your eyes out for crooked mouths.

Yes, it’s a very significant thing when a mouth pulls toward one side, or a smile is significantly off kilter. When you’re watching the presidential conventions, listen to the speeches but watch the mouths.