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Here's a free way to improve your waking, your sleeping

Matt Weber and Rose Rosetree enjoying light

Matt Weber and Rose Rosetree enjoying light

Merry Holiday time. Including Christmas, if you celebrate that.

We do. We celebrate Hanukkah and also Christmas.

Around here, three of us are celebrating today: Mitch (a.k.a. The Appointment Coordinator, The Workshop Coordinator) and Matt (a.k.a. “The Child.”) And me, who is literally as well as figuratively “A Jewish mother” thanks to Mitch and The Child.

Matt is visiting us during his winter break, having flown here from grad school on the other coast. Okay, to other people in the world besides his mother, Matt no longer is “The Child.” 😉

Anyway, here’s a gift he gave to Mom and Pop that I can also give to you. See better, though not necessarily deeper, with this free download for your electronic devices.