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Face Reading Betty White. Childlike Joy!

Betty White Face Reading

Betty White Face Reading. So many decades as a TV star, so much fascinating face data!

Betty White Face Reading. Today we’ve got a seriously challenging task: To use physiognomy to solve a mystery. What about the ridiculously popular actress’s face… reveals her ability to evoke childlike joy.

Bryan Ye-Chung Aura Reading. Bible “Experience” Salesman

Bryan Ye-Chung Aura Reading.

Bryan Ye-Chung Aura Reading. Just how sweet is this public Christian’s aura?

Bryan Ye-Chung Aura Reading. Of course, I’m going research his aura. Then you can compare it to my recent aura reading of the other Brian. Both proudly sell picture Bibles, artistically designed. Because an unadorned scripture is just so hard to read. (Supposedly.)

According to an astute Washington Post business reporter, these publishing entrepreneurs are filling a niche. Providing, “An Instagram-worthy Bible aimed at millennials.

Face Reading Legendary Radio Broadcaster Ed Walker, Retiring at 83

Ed Walker's power as a broadcaster wasn't seen but heard. And felt.

Ed Walker’s power as a broadcaster wasn’t seen but heard. And felt.

Ed Walker won’t be able to see what I’m describing while I read his face. He’s blind.

But he can feel his face data when I describe it. Just as Ed Walker can assess the truth of this face reader’s tribute to him.

Similarly this listener, among countless others over the years, has felt as though he was our friend. Who cares if we physically saw him in the room with us? At public radio station WAMU, Sunday nights belonged to Ed Walker. He shared great classic radio shows for more than 60 years.

You can read here about Ed Walker’s remarkable career in broacasting. Reporter Paul Farhi’s article is also where I found the photo that I will use here.

Big Face and More, Face Reading of Emma Stone

MORE face reading of Emma Stone, exploring today's requirements in America for being a professional beauty

MORE face reading of Emma Stone, exploring today’s requirements in America for being a professional beauty

Let’s continue our face reading of Emma Stone as a beauty. This time we’ll view a different set of face reading characteristics. These really, really help her career.

These characteristics aren’t beauty-related, or average, as described in our recent Face Reading of a Beauty, Actress Emma Stone. They’re unusual… unless you’re a female actress.

Face Reading Item #1: Big Face

See the Face Reading Data: The entire face is enormous, compared with the rest of the body. Is it rare to have a lollipop head? Pretty darned rare… unless you’re a performer.

Other rich-and-famous performers with really big faces, in proportion, include: