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Aura Reading Rev. Billy Graham

Aura Reading Rev. Billy Graham

Aura Reading Rev. Billy Graham. Now that he’ has passed away, let’s consider his legacy. Aura-type legacy.

Aura Reading Rev. Billy Graham. He’s just passed away at age 99. Undisputably leaving a great evangelical legacy.

But another aspect of legacy is this: What was the person’s aura like?

How did the spiritual truth of that person show? In human ways. And as a World Server.

Let’s honor him today with a search for truth. Apart from his brilliant public speaking, what happened to him humanly?

Billy Graham Aura Reading

Billy Graham Aura Reading

Billy Graham Aura Reading. Let’s explore the hidden energies of the America’s most renowned evangelist and advisor to presidents.

Billy Graham Aura Reading. At Age 95, what’s going on with Rev. Graham’s aura-level connection to the Divine? And what else can we learn about America’s most famous evangelist?

Does he still have a super-strong spiritual connection. Also, I wonder, did Rev. Billy Graham have It once? He sure had something!

Lately this blog has included sober discussion about how religious fundamentalism can lead to Spiritual Shutdown. So I’m way curious. How about you?

How Dare I Use Aura Reading for "Comparative Religion?"


Isn’t it cheeky enough when I do Face Reading? If you’ve been following the latest topic here, you’re owed some explanation about this particular kind of Aura Reading.

Checking out someone’s religion, via a Third Eye reading, may seem terribly tasteless.

Actually, once upon a time, nutritional labels were probably considered pretty questionable. Either you liked your Campbell’s Tomato Soup or you didn’t.