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Why bless people, then?



Graciously, WHO just added a kind Comment #36 at a previous post, “You disgust me.” But blessings to you, of course.

WHO wrote:

Wow, interesting discussion. Just for the record, my comment wasn’t from anger…annoyance maybe. However, I don’t have to agree with someone to bless them or wish them well. Just like your clients don’t have to necessarily like/agree with/love you ( and you don’t have to like/agree with/love them) to work with you. I don’t think that signing off with a “Blessings” is an act of turning the other cheek or martyrdom. For the record, I don’t consider myself an New Ager..which I think is religious/cultish..but that is another matter.

"You disgust me." But blessings to you, of course.


Blog-Buddies, an interesting thread has developed here related to the New Age custom of saying or writing “Blessings.”

Since many of us have been thinking about this lately, I’m going to add some new thoughts, then consolidate some of the exchanges so far and then cross-post various comments that would have been here… had this post already existed. (Hope this makes sense. I also hope I used the term “cross-post” correctly. If there’s a better word, please tell me. Most of my slang is stuck in the 1950’s and I am slowly crawling my way forward into current language.)