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Blink Thanksgiving


Blink. What happens to your consciousness during a blink? Sweet to research. And easy as eating Sweet Potato Pie

Blink Thanksgiving. What could seem smaller than one quick blink of your eyes? Yet miracles might be hidden even in that. Let’s explore.

In America, it happens to be Thanksgiving Day. A favorite holiday for many. A way of life for some.

Even when we struggle, and must struggle, Thanksgiving! Let’s give thanks that through our efforts we can make a difference.

Before we strive. And afterwards also. Whenever we give thanks, we prepare ourselves to bring more truth into this world.

Considering all this, I’m thrilled to share with you a bit of aura research I did recently. Saving it for now, Thanksgiving Day.

Can you be reading auras without officially learning skills?


What’s the big deal with learning skills? Blog-Buddy MIKE raised an important question about Deeper Perception in his Comment 1073 at our Enlightenment Life List post.

MIKE asked if there could be “an intuitive flash that gives one an answer, but without one then being able to back it up with hard data.”

Of course, the answer is yes. Could happen? Haven’t you had some of those intuitive flashes. Of course it could be. It has happened to everyone here at this blog. So MIKE’s question really brings forth more questions, practical questions:

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