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Lie Detector Test on Gov. Bob McDonnell, Aura Reading Just Because I Can't Resist

Rose Rosetree, reading the news as an aura reader

Rose Rosetree, reading the news as an aura reader

Usually I avoid scandals. Something about the big one now in Virginia has fascinated me, though. Not just because I live in Virginia but because former Governor Bob McDonnell is one of those smooth “Family Value” GOP politicians. Now he stands accused and disgraced over the appearance of impropriety while in office… and maybe more.

Did Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen knowingly take gifts and loans from a man who aimed to gain from McDonnell’s prestige? How could they not know, when the tab grew to $177,000?

I’ve already researched the “Crush Defense” of wife Maureen in this trial. She implied that Cupid’s arrows blinded her to the appearance of impropriety. Perhaps ’twas Cupid who also opened up her mouth to sing praises of her benefactor’s company: Was Maureen McDonnell really crushing on Jonnie Williams? Only an aura reader knows for pretty sure.

Yesterday two separate articles in the Washington Post blasted Bob McDonnell for being a cad. Eugene Robinson called out McDonnell for trying to save himself by describing his wife as unstable, irascible, and no friend to him (let alone in cahoots).  Petula Dvorak’s scathing article was entitled, “McDonnell’s betrayal of his wife is anything but moral.”

So caught up have I been in this trial, I have read each day’s articles about it in the Post. That includes reading McDonnell’s testimony, and his side of the story did get to me. The corruption defendant sounded so busy. That’s the part I related to.

Aura Reading Robert McDonnell

Annette Bening Aura Reading


Is he just a good ol’ boy with movie-star sex appeal? (Those of you Blog Buddies who do Face Reading may notice immediately how Candidate Robert boasts a perfectly, hugely sculpted philtrum.)

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