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Boundary Work. How It Fails Empaths.

Psychological boundary work helps non-empaths, not empaths.

Psychological boundary work helps non-empaths, not empaths.

Boundary Work can set you back, Empaths. Here’s perspective from Empath Coach Rose Rosetree about the perils of psychological boundary work.

To begin, some questions for you empaths:

  1. Have you tried psychological boundary work?
  2. And how much did that help you?

If you’re like most empaths I’ve talked to, these are your answers:

Mentoring Empaths

Mentoring Empaths

Mentoring Empaths. Read all about it from America’s most experienced Empath Coach

Mentoring Empaths. How to seek support if you’ve just learned you’re an empath. Should you seek somebody local? Somebody with a big FB group? What?

VICKY just sent in a sweetly worded, heartfelt question about what to do when you have learned you are an empath:

“I’m new to being an Empath, in terminology at least, and would love to be Happier and de-clutter. I was wondering if there was anyone you could suggest in London who works on a mentoring approach in such areas? Many thanks!”

Help Facebook Empaths

Help Facebook Empaths

Help Facebook Empaths — I did it in Japan. Teaching a workshop on Empath Empowerment® . You can help spread the word!

Help Facebook Empaths. If you go on Facebook, you can do a lot of educating. Call people on the nonsense they’re sharing about being empaths! (Gently)

Here’s what got me going on this informal project to Help Facebook Empaths.

When an Empath Tries to "Get over Yourself." A Guest Post from DAVE

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Get over yourself” continues to be an interesting way to spark appreciation for one’s sense of self. Yesterday’s post on getting over yourself has generated some fascinating responses.

Not until I read these comments did it occur to me that, of course, we empaths have such a different perspective on “Myself,” we would have quite a range of perspectives on “Get over yourself.”

That’s because, to me, becoming a skilled empath involves waking up from inside. Along the way we empaths can develop a stronger sense of identity.

What Is Householder Enlightenment? A fancy way to be codependent?


Enlightenment is not the apotheosis of codependency.

To put it another way, Householder Enlightenment does not mean being really, really good at anticipating needs of other people, then delivering it.

Let’s launch a new series of posts. From time to time, I would like to bring a fresh perspective on Householder Enlightenment.

Empath Empowerment, Deeper Skills to Help Empaths


Calling all empaths: Want help? How can you increase the depth of your Empath Empowerment skills?

A Empath Empowerment with Rose Rosetree sound file goes along with today’s post, in case you’d like to hear these words straight from that Empath Coach named Rose Rosetree.  For sure, I want to thank the Blog-Buddy who volunteered to make a transcript that I have adapted for today’s post.

You know, if you’re born an empath, you have at least one gift as an empath for life. Being born as an empath is really a great thing, and 1 in 20 people chose that when making a life contract.

Empath Quiz Set. Find Out Today!

Empath Test. Empath or not? Let America’s most experienced Empath Coach help you to figure this out.

Empath Test to help you determine… “Am I an empath?” Let America’s most experienced Empath Coach help you to find out the answer, once and for all.

And at the end of today’s post, you’ll get something cool. And free. You could consider it a prize!

10 ways to help others in the New Year


As of today, you’re entering a new year, plus a new decade. Healing yourself may be part of your personal set of goals. Healing others may develop as a passionate interest, or already be an important part of your life.

Not everyone who explores deeper perception/energetic literacy/aura reading/empath skills chooses to do healing as well. But a lot of us find that to be a logical progression.

Don’t Blame the Vampire


Psychic vampires, energy vampires — how scary are they? Only as scary as you let them be.

The topic came up during one of my workshops here in Japan. And as I sip my morning coffee (okay, gulp it), preparing to teach my very last day of workshops here, what do I think of as a highlight from eight days of workshop during this stay?

Do You Dare Banish "Boundaries" for a Week?


Warning: Take no action until you have read the entire post. Because what I’m suggesting is a bold way to take charge of your life… and not necessarily what you think.

Today’s post starts with a great Face Reading and/or Aura Reading question from Blog-Buddy Nandi: