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Face Reading Book Review

Face Reading Book Review

Face Reading Book Review. For “The NEW Power Of Face Reading”

Face Reading Book Review. Which physiognomy book would that be? “The NEW Power of Face Reading” — so come take a look! Hint: New and Better.

First of All, Some Backstory

When I graduated from Brandeis University in 1969..l I had a very “commercially valuable” B.A… in English and American Literature.

Some day, I aspired to become a poet, like my mentor, the amazing Allen Grossman.

By 1969, I had done loads of writing. And had no idea that oh, so many more loads of writing would go through me. As if through a very solidly built washing machine.

Face Reading Book Review — Especially Tricky to Write This Book!

Writing this latest book on face reading? Definitely one of the most technically challenging projects I have done yet.

  • I wanted to build a thoroughly sequenced method. Clear instruction in physiognomy. Paced to make the learning really, really fun. Also easy.
  • Somehow I figured out a new way to use illustrations. Visuals help so much for teaching how to read faces.
  • Granted, the title of this book would resemble my previous title. “The Power of Face Reading.” However, this would be a really different book. Far more sophisticated than anything I had done previously.

Face Reading Book Review. About That NEW In The Title.

Why use the title “The NEW Power of Face Reading“?  When the 2013 book was entirely different?

By now, “The Power of Face Reading” has become the most popular meme I’ve sent out into the blogosphere.

Just now, googling “The Power of Face Reading,” there are 569 MILLION hits.