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Punishing Smart Kids

Punishing Smart Kids

Punishing Smart Kids. Doesn’t really make sense. Or does it?

Punishing Smart Kids. As an RES practitioner, I have specialties, and this is one of them: Helping clients who are very smart. And who have suffered as a result.

Because extreme intelligence is a great blessing. Fair or not, this can become as challenging socially… as if the person were extremely un-intelligent.

Whatever the personal specialties of any RES Expert, each of us is helping clients with personal growth. And sometimes that includes permanently moving out energetic STUFF we still carry from childhood.

How to help children keep clear perception, Guest Post by GRACE S.

Okay, that title is mine. The Guest Post to follow does come from GRACE S.

Context is a recent thread begun by another Blog-Buddy, SY, who sent a fascinating link. Click at will to see how the sort of image we take for granted has been retouched.