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When Empath Empowerment Doesn't Seem to Work. A Guest Post by SANDY.

Connecting the dots about Empath Empowerment Skills

Connecting the dots about Empath Empowerment Skills

We have a real treat today, Blog-Buddies, for those of you who are empaths. In today’s guest post, SANDY courageously shares a really important saga about using her skills as an empath.

Heads up! An important part of SANDY’s saga is Imported STUFF. In case this term is new to you, Imported STUFF is 1 of the 15 kinds of STUFF that can be identified, and removed, with skills in this system of Energy Spirituality. Imported STUFF is a sign of being an unskilled empath.

So far I haven’t written a blog post about this yet, but I sure have written about Imported STUFF in my books for empaths. Because they teach how to develop empath skills which PREVENT your getting Imported STUFF.

For SANDY’s guest post I have added just some headings, minor edits, and links that explain some of the technical parts of her journal. Yes, SANDY has given us a miniature journal.

Living La Vita Empath, a Journal Summarized by SANDY

At the beginning of this journal, I planned to cover what I thought were teaching gaps in Rose’s workshops.

While reflecting and writing, I realized that the onus is on me to take what Rose taught and apply it to my situational needs. Rose cannot tell me what I need nor should she be expected to. She laid out the dots. It is up to me to connect them.

Unskilled Empath Problems? A Quiz

Calling all empaths: Quiz Time

Calling all empaths: Quiz Time

Lucky you, if you were born as an empath.

Lucky you, if you know what the word “Empath” really means.

Even luckier you… if you are getting skills, or have already learned skills like those in the system of Empath Empowerment(R). Meaning skills that can turn you into a skilled empath. Skills to avoid the many problems that can occur in the lives of unskilled empaths, protecting yourself energetically.

Coaching empaths, over the past few years I have noticed an interesting trend. A trendlet, if you would.

As the founder of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, I have identified 10 different types of subconscious STUFF that can cause emotional and behavioral problems. These problems can be alleviated or, sometimes, completely overcome.

How? By permanently removing that particular bit of astral-level STUFF, then adding  appropriate energetic PUT-IN that serves the person better.

Turns out, it is common for newbies to attribute a whole bunch o’problems to just one type of STUFF.

For example:

Cutting Cords of Attachment — What Not to Tell


Lydia has asked me some interesting questions about cutting cords of attachment, inspiring a whole series of posts.  Today, here comes a question with so many interesting implications! How could I give just a quick response to Comment 142 at the blog post devoted to Cord Cutting Q&As.?

Lydia asked:

My energy worker, Dan, has started cutting cords of attachment. He uses your method. I’m very pleased with the results. Only I’m very curious about the textures of cords of attachment.

Aura Reading of Elton John at Rush Limbaugh’s Wedding

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


“I just can’t wrap my mind around it,” Gladys told me. “Elton John! How could he sing at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding?”

She had a point. The famously liberal and philanthropic singer was recently hired to sing at the radio broadcaster’s fourth wedding. You could perhaps predict that Limbaugh’s new wife would be blonde, skinny, and young enough to be his daughter. (Kathryn Rogers is 33 years old, while Rush is 59.)

Nah Kin, Aura Reading of an Enlightened Mayan Healer

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Well, that Enlightenment Life List is growing longer. One new addition comes courtesy of Karin, who nominated another winning entry for our Healer Contest.

Nah Kin, a Mayan shamanic healer, obviously from Mexico.

After reading her aura, I’ll see if I can find a related website, but let’s go in simply as aura readers, Blog-Buddies. Consider it a summertime thrill ride at the cosmic amusement park! Join me and comment away, using this aura

Emotional healing, aura healing, and Enlightenment


You Blog-Buddies ask the best questions. This recent one burst right out from its comment box, demanding a post of its very own. Holly began by asking this:

Rose, is it your opinion that a person cannot progress to Enlightenment without full awareness of his/her own emotions?

I notice that you read the emotional self awareness databank on people often, so it must be important. Why do you think this skill is so important?

What is SEXY? Aura reading to the rescue.


Sexiness, especially how sexy you, personally, feel — that’s negotiable, right? Energetic literacy can make a huge difference to your sexual performance, enjoyment, even your sexual self-image.

Most of us living now, as I’ll explain, we might benefit from a bit of rescuing.

How sexual self-confidence shows in your aura

Does she or doesn’t she? Have much sexual self-confidence, I mean. You regular readers

Aura Reading Versus Aura Healing

Aura Reading Versus Aura Healing

Aura Reading Versus Aura Healing — Do you know the differences?

Aura Reading Versus Aura Healing: Learn the differences and instantly you’ll upgrade your knowledge as a consumer for anything mind-body-spirit.

Why, exactly, is an aura reading NOT the same thing as an aura healing?

Inspired by an anonymous Blog-Buddy, today’s post is dedicated to helping you sort out the roles of different forms of deeper perception.

Want Better Results from Your Healing Session?

Rose Rosetree, aura reading






Last night, I dreamt that I sat with a psychic. Something she said at the start of our session made me trust her. Quickly the most delightful kind of relaxation swept through me.

This psychic was someone I could trust. Once I realized that, I knew exactly what to expect. In my reading, she would tell me everything that I most needed to know. I could just sit back and listen and learn. She would tell me all about the meaning of my life, my past, my future, my life contract.

Such a great feeling! Who wouldn’t love that?

What is a Session of Aura Reading Research?

Aura Reading






Aura Reading sessions — what really happens during them?

This email just came from “Jeanette,” and she asked such great questions, I thought I’d share our exchange with the rest of you Blog Buddies: