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Aura Reading Movie Review Starring Anne Hathaway

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How could I resist researching adorable Anne Hathaway? Granted, she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress, not Best Actress. Not her fault. The part was, technically, smaller than biggy-big.

What really got me curious about this role was reading how everyone’s movie singing was done “live,” (unlike, say, presidential inauguration singing). And that Anne practiced a bit in advance of her performance about, specifically, how to vocalize while crying. As quoted in Hathaway’s interview for “Parade” magazine:

What Is Energetic Literacy?

What Is Energetic Literacy? I love to teach you ABOUT it. And, even better, teach you to DO it.

What Is Energetic Literacy? Something you can develop. No clairvoyance needed. And no psychic development training, either.

Learn why it can help you so much. As a person. As a judge of character. Even as a consumer.

Energetic Literacy, Huh?

Maybe the term is new to you. Well, get used to it. Because Energetic Literacy is THE happening skill in the Age of Awakening.

Smashing Illusions

Smashing Illusions

Smashing Illusions — do we dare? Oh yes, I think so!

Smashing Illusions? Oh yes. Let’s consider some very popular illusions. And, in the process, we just might improve our lives!

Blog-Buddies, recently we have considered different ways of withdrawing from life. Very understandable ways to phone in life, they are, too!

Sweet, even. Driven by sweet intentions. But leading to problems like these:

Guest Post on "Goal Setting with the Aura Reading Advantage"

Rose Rosetree does Aura Reading Research

Blog-Buddy Jessica just emailed me about my upcoming workshop, Goal Setting with the Aura Reading Advantage. This is a way to learn to do Soul Thrill® Aura Research for yourself. (No previous aura reading experience is required, incidentally.) Jessica wrote:

Here’s a blog post if you like, or just an update for you on how cool it has been since the goal workshop.

I saw in the [monthly “Reading Life Deeper”] newsletter that you’re holding another goal workshop and I started looking through everything I’ve researched this year and everything I have or haven’t done as a result and was totally shocked by how much has changed because of it.

So then I just kind of turned it into the third person, thinking it might be helpful for others to hear it from someone who was been there… As usual, whatever you want to do or not do with this is totally fine…

Magnetize Money Profile, New Aura Reading Contest

Why does energetic literacy bring greater success?

Yes, Blog-Buddies, it’s time for a new contest. The prize(s) for this one will be my doing a special kind of aura reading that I call a “Magnetize Money Profile.”

NOTE: Deadline for entering this contest is extended to December 1, 2011. Even after deadline time is over, you may enjoy the protocol here for doing your own Magnetize Money Profiles.

Is he an empath? Investigation for a psychiatrist.



How can you tell if somebody else is an empath? Guessing won’t help you. Nor will extrapolating from another person’s behavior.

Two especially good examples of this un-guessableness about empaths came my way recently.

“Dr. Joseph” is a psychiatrist and skilled empath. He knows well the power of full energetic literacy. So he consulted me about two of his patients, “Gladiola” and “Benjamin.” Blog-Buddies, I thought you might be interested in some of the conversation (with details disguised).

How Are Psychic Readings Different from Energetic Literacy?



Recently I had a fascinating e-conversation with Blog-Buddy “Daphne” about using energetic literacy versus doing psychic readings.

Daphne was enjoying a game online with a talented teacher of psychic development. The idea was to do a quick reading on one unidentified celebrity at a time.

You’d see the photo. If you then got a quick intuitive hit on that person, you were encouraged to share that, adding your contribution to psychic readings from others.

Eddie Fisher to the rescue, Taylor’s Husband #5

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Elizabeth Taylor’s Husband #4 was intrepid Mike Todd, energetically researched at this blog in a couple of posts, starting with this aura reading of Liz Taylor’s Husband #4. Mike’s sudden death matched the life that preceded it: Flamboyant and passionate, wild and exotic. In 1958, his private plane crashed on a mountaintop in New Mexico.

Time to console his beautiful widow, right? Even I heard about what happened next. Yes, even this movie-averse, star-ignoring, 10-year-old heard plenty as grownups endlessly gossiped about the big scandal. It was so very puzzling back in the day, how Eddie Fisher, a so-so but famous singer, was consoling much more famous Elizabeth. How right was it for Fisher to do all that consoling? He had two kids, didn’t he? (Including Carrie Fisher, who grew up to become a Star Wars Princess.)

How seriously do you have to study "The Aura"?


A recent comment about aura reading got me thinking. Blog-Buddy Sherry wrote:

“I did not actually study the aura right off, and once I did I knew I wouldn’’t have been ready for it early on …so that was great advice about not possibly being ready to study the aura.

There were many things I was not ready for until I expanded my awareness through regular practice of meditation, chakra work, decrees, etc etc. Increasing my knowledge and steadily raising my vibrations as I went along was key for me being ready for, and to understand, certain things.”

How important is it, really, to study “The Aura”?

Empath Merge with Liz unhappily married, Guest Post by Elaine

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Even if you never personally met Elizabeth Taylor, you’ve seen this kind of thing coming. Joe and Gladys are unhappily married, with one of them growing especially bored. Maybe the pain is acknowledged consciously, quite possibly not. (Many of you Blog-Buddies know how that sort of pain could be dancing around like crazy in a cord of attachment, replaying subconsciously 24/7, yet the cord owner feels nothing.)

Sooner or later, something has to give.