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Aura Reading Senator Elizabeth Warren. How Has She Changed in the Year Since Her Election?

Aura reading Senator Elizabeth Warren

Aura reading Senator Elizabeth Warren

JEAN J. proposed Senator Warren for an aura reading. That’s JEAN’s preferred way of enjoying her choice of any public figure and any form of energetic literacy as Lucky Commenter #16,000 here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.” I’ll use the photo she provided for this aura reading, too.

Chakra Databanks. What the LA Times Missed.

Chakra Databanks. Rose Rosetree reading them at an expo, back in the New Age years.

Chakra Databanks? Researching them is one of the specialties of RES. When the LA Times reported on a talk I gave, they missed the significance. You don’t have to.

As reported in the Los Angeles Times, I gave a lecture-demonstration at the famed Bodhi Tree Bookstore:

Students “sat in rapt attention “despite white molded plastic chairs for almost two hours, listening to her describe her craft and watching her read the faces and auras of audience members.”

Aura Reading of Liz Taylor’s Husband #3, Bold Mike Todd

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A promoter of girlie shows on Broadway — that’s Mike Todd at the time he meets Elizabeth Taylor. Of course, he works with high-class movies as well, such as “Around the World in 80 Days.” Why did Liz leave her husband, the other Michael, for this newer model?

Let’s investigate using energetic literacy skills, specifically Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®. For tech details about all we’re doing here, including the concept of chakra databanks, check out this earlier post. It’s our first of the series on aura reading the fascinating parade of husbands belonging, at one time or another, to Elizabeth Taylor.

Chakra databanks, a new perspective


Wow, speaking of gratitude — which the entire Thanksgiving week is all about, right? — am I ever grateful to Tanika Palm. Her latest book, “Prisoners of Fame” provides a wonderful perspective on chakra databanks.

“Prisoners of Fame” reports on her conversations with deceased celebrities. Combined with this is a really fascinating description of what it is like to be an ethical, very human medium.

Here’s part related to chakra databanks.

What does New Age mean to you?

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This thread we’ve been following about New Age… our next reality stitch-up with that thread should be obvious. What DO New Agers have in common, if not the New Age Litany previously discussed?

Here are 10 points I would like to propose as a commonality among New Ager, unofficial but useful to discuss. For the sake of discussion, I’ll go so far as to call them “New Age Requirements.”

Pay attention, Primrose and other Blog-Buddies who don’t usually consider yourselves “New Age.” Maybe you have been a New Ager for quite some time, given what the term really means. Because meeting any one of these requirements would make you a New Ager.

Cutting the Cord of Attachment to a Stalker, Let’s Get Practical


Leonardo DiCaprio has just won a restraining order from a stalker. Three years of peace are, supposedly, his. The stalker in question is a woman who has been placed on psychiatric hold twice. Lately she has claimed to be his wife, pregnant with his love child.


The problem with having a stalker isn’t just the psychological and physical and maybe financial danger, etc. Based on my experience with clients who have been stalked, the craziness doesn’t end in the head of the deranged wrongdoer. And that’s not exactly the stalking victim’s fault. A certain degree of craziness takes up residence where no restraining order will stick.

Rushing to Aura-Read Mr. Limbaugh

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Elton John’s performance at Rush’s wedding has prompted a recent blog post. And this, in turn, brought many fascinating comments, including requests to learn more about the charismatic broadcaster. Read those great comments here at the Energetic Literacy Link for Elton.

For extra fun, I will read the same chakra databanks on Mr. Limbaugh from two different occasions.

Enlightenment Surprises with Aura Reading

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


One of my clients, Joe, does sessions regularly. He calls from Asia. Sometimes he requests sessions of Energy Spirituality Energy HEALING, sometimes Personal Mentoring (where he asks some of the best questions anyone has asked of me in 40 years).

Sometimes, just for fun, he will ask me to do Aura Reading Research — not just on people he knows but on people he’s heard of — successful people in different walks of life. Joe asks me to read their auras simply out of curiosity.

Is Trust Always Smart? Lessons from My Garden


“Never trust a healer whose plants are dead.” If you have heard this saying, you have probably noticed that many a healer enjoys growing plants.

Well, this Rosetree is one of that green gang. This summer I have attempted more than usual: My first roses and peonies, and the astoundingly ambitious investment in four new lilac bushes.

Name Change Research, Kathryn’s Triumph and Guest Post


Blog-Buddies, it’s always such a privilege when I facilitate the special kind of Aura Reading Research about names. So many of us are saddled with first and/or last names that wouldn’t work well for a horse and don’t work for us humans, either.

Kathryn formerly had a name that didn’t suit her at all. Let’s call it “Gladys.” Recently she did a session of Name Alignment® with me and found a name that produced glorious consequences for her full set of chakra databanks under investigation. (They ranged through topics like emotional self-awareness, career success, ability to earn money, and having a fabulous love life.)