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Overly Ambitious Entities. Protection Tips.

Overly Ambitious Entities

Hey, did you know? Overly Ambitious Entities can’t make you humanly happy. But YOU can do that for yourself.

Overly Ambitious Entities. They’re a fact of life about earth right now.

To protect yourself, read the essentials in the following blog post. Details I’ve learned through energetic literacy research.

Perhaps you will be shocked. But I hope you won’t feel frightened. I’m not.

Ascension Misunderstanding, Part 2. Bring on Post-New-Age Clarity!


Ascension misunderstanding

Ascension Misunderstanding is spiralling out of control for many beautiful New Agers. But we can stop this.

Ascension Misunderstanding is a serious problem in New Age today.

Described here? Two of the biggest misunderstandings. Decide for yourself what makes better sense.

Ascension Misunderstanding flares up… in gatherings of New Age-style mind-body-spirit.  Earlier, I started exploring seven biggies. Today’s Part Two article will cover two more Ascension Misunderstandings. Let’s gain more clarity.

Alexander McCall Smith Aura Reading. Plot Twist!

Alexander McCall Smith Aura Reading

Alexander McCall Smith Aura Reading — with a plot twist for the famous author.

This Alexander McCall Smith aura reading does contain a plot twist. Not one from his popular novels but from his aura itself.

How did our latest aura reading story get started?

Blog-Buddy GILLIAN piqued my curiosity. Telling me this interesting fact about Alexander McCall Smith. Amazingly productive, he is the author of the “No 1 Ladies Detective Agency” series.

He writes 1000 words per hour. Amazingly, on a normal writing day he produces 5000 words.

Tips for Working with Spirit Guides and Angels


Do you long for support from an angel or spirit guide?

Do you long for support from an angel or spirit guide?

Blog-Buddy CLAUDIA asked a great question today. Originally she placed this at the end of a blog post from 2013, What is channeling?.

This is such a hot topic today. I want to make sure her excellent question doesn’t get buried as Comment 26, way back in our archives. So let’s start a practical new conversation, open to all you Blog-Buddies. Even you lurkers!

As we get started, for clarity. minor edits to the original question are added.

When a responsible, sophisticated spiritual seeker wants to work with her spirit guides

CLAUDIA asked:

I have a question about connecting and working to co-create with one’s personal guides and celestial team.

What Is Channeling?

Channeling, often so energetically confusing

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

Hardly. But you may wind up abandoning plenty of illusions. Consider that you have had fair warning.

Then pack up your self-authority and join me in today’s exploration of what channeling really is.

Why write about the controversial topic of channeling?

In response to many questions that have come up lately, I will pull together responses to many blog comments with questions about channeling to create today’s article.

Where to begin my Aura Healing and Transformation?

Helping you to become a skilled empath

Overwhelmed, anyone? Recently “Loretta” requested help to prioritize the various skill sets taught through this blog, my how-to books, workshops, etc. Her email went like this:

I was initially interested in your book Cut Cords of Attachment, but in looking at your website, I’m pretty sure I’m an (unskilled) empath. I ended up buying both books, Cut Cords of Attachment and Become the Most Important Person in the Room at the same time.

Which set of skills should I pursue mastering first? Can I start cutting my own cords before completing the 30-day empath training program discussed in Become the Most Important Person in the Room? Do I have to have skill with my empath gifts to be able to read my aura or do I use some other sense?