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Soul-Level Gifts in Your Aura

Soul-Level Gifts

Soul-Level Gifts are permanent, like your fingerprint

Soul-Level Gifts. “Gift of your soul” is often used when the aura reader has good skills (Stage 3 Energetic Literacy). But what does that mean?

Let’s explore.

Aura reading to help you distinguish charm from just being likeable

Charming or genuinely likeable or both?  Aura reading makes it easier to tell.

Charming or genuinely likeable or both? Aura reading makes it easier to tell.

Such a big distinction to make, Blog-Buddies, as we pursue exploring charm:

How does charm shows in an aura, compared to having someone be just plain likeable?

And the huge complexity of this topic, even on the surface of objective reality, becomes way more intense when you can read chakra databanks.

So far, we have not yet explored the difference between charm, as it shows in an aura, and having a person simply be likeable or loveable. Aura reading makes this waaaaay clearer, so three cheers for gaining full energetic literacy! Meanwhile there is always commonsense, human reality.

Yesterday Blog-Buddy AMANDA reminded me of this distinction — in regular everyday behavior — when she sent in an entry to our latest contest, the Charm Contest. AMANDA nominated Donna Eden, founder of Eden Energy Medicine.

What AMANDA wrote was not, actually, about charm but about something else entirely. Reading the words that follow, can you tell what would be a better label for that pull towards DONNA? I’m going to take the liberty of paraphrasing a bit. (Ooh, forgive me, please, AMANDA.)