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Aura Reading Tom Hiddleston

Aura Reading Tom Hiddleston

Aura Reading Tom Hiddleston as part of our Charm Wiki!

Aura Reading Tom Hiddleston. You might guess he has quite some aura. Then you’d be right. Which is why we’re researching him for our Charm Wiki.

Reading the aura of “The Sexiest Man”? Sure, no prob!

Tom Hiddleston, often voted “Sexiest Man” in contests…. He was chosen by Blog-Buddy LARA for an aura reading.

In Praise of Charm. How to Use Energetic Literacy to Find Charm in Chakra Databanks

Chakra databanks, illustrated in "Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy"

Chakra databanks, illustrated in “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy”

Our Charm Contest is officially complete. Thanks so much to all you Blog-Buddies who entered.

Yes, I will be posting the two aura readings for the winning entries. Not today! Soon.

Aura reading to help you distinguish charm from just being likeable

Charming or genuinely likeable or both?  Aura reading makes it easier to tell.

Charming or genuinely likeable or both? Aura reading makes it easier to tell.

Such a big distinction to make, Blog-Buddies, as we pursue exploring charm:

How does charm shows in an aura, compared to having someone be just plain likeable?

And the huge complexity of this topic, even on the surface of objective reality, becomes way more intense when you can read chakra databanks.

So far, we have not yet explored the difference between charm, as it shows in an aura, and having a person simply be likeable or loveable. Aura reading makes this waaaaay clearer, so three cheers for gaining full energetic literacy! Meanwhile there is always commonsense, human reality.

Yesterday Blog-Buddy AMANDA reminded me of this distinction — in regular everyday behavior — when she sent in an entry to our latest contest, the Charm Contest. AMANDA nominated Donna Eden, founder of Eden Energy Medicine.

What AMANDA wrote was not, actually, about charm but about something else entirely. Reading the words that follow, can you tell what would be a better label for that pull towards DONNA? I’m going to take the liberty of paraphrasing a bit. (Ooh, forgive me, please, AMANDA.)

Tale of a Charming Hottie, More Aura Reading to the Rescue

Beware Prince Charming, especially when wearing an argyle sweater

Beware Prince Charming, especially when wearing an argyle sweater

Just kidding about that diamond-shaped argyle pattern on the guy’s sweater.

Except for the charming hottie shown at the top of today’s article, no photos will be supplied for this post. This one isn’t about a celebrity. And so I can ethically provide only my best recollection of a true story. With details changed to protect the innocent — just like the old “Dragnet” show — except who can imagine a regular radio or TV broadcast where, each week, every character is named either JOE or GLADYS? 😉

Lately we have been discussing charm, auric modeling, how conscious aura reading can help us learn the truth about anyone. If you have ever wanted to protect yourself from a charming, unscrupulous person, maybe today’s story will help you.

In a session of aura healing, I was assisting my client GLADYS to get over a failed, painful love affair with JOE. The intention for our session wasn’t that, of course, because an intention for improving your life is not to have less of what you don’t want. The intention for what GLADYS did want was more along the lines of “To prepare for an appropriate, fulfilling, mutual, committed, love relationship.”

Our healing centerpiece was cutting GLADYS’s cord of attachment to JOE.

A Background that Suggested Charm was Involved

Gathering background information, in preparation for cord-cutting, I learned some fascinating details about Charming JOE in objective reality.

Charm Contest. To win an aura reading of the public figure you nominate. Today's post highlights a guest post by An Avid Reader.

Charming enough to win an aura reading?

Charming enough to win an aura reading?

Such a beguiling, fascinating topic. “Charm” was one of my favorite chapters to write in Read People Deeper. Because it is so important to have discernment about the many varieties of charm.

And, really, until you develop Stage Three Energetic Literacy, you can be beguiled and confused, tricked and manipulated. Actually charm is a perfect example of how subconsciously we read full auric modeling, yet we can be confused consciously. Because of charm.

Our thread on charm has proliferated over at Integrity Aura Reading of Academy Award Winner Jared Leto.

You might want to start shifting your comments about charm over to this post, because the one who comments most about charm will win second prize in our latest contest.

Who will win first prize? The one whose Official Entry in the Charm Contest… charms me most.

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