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Christmas Poem 2017. A Hanukkah Poem, Too.

Christmas Poem 2017

Christmas Poem 2017. An annual custom at this blog is to indulge in a poem at this time every year. This year it’s “Just Open It.”

Christmas Poem 2017. Because writing a poem for you every year has become a tradition here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.” This year it’s a Hanukkah poem, too:

Just Open It

"The New Strong" in a Christmas Poem for 2016

Rose Rosetrees Christmas poem, an annual celebration. Enjoy!

Rose Rosetree’s Christmas poem, written the year of publishing “The New Strong”

This Christmas, Let A New Sweetness Begin

Call in more than the lovely old Christmasey sweetness:

White Christmas, bright Christmas. I’m under mistletoe — give me your kiss.

After a tough year, we wait so eagerly.

When will it be given? Our must-have. That usual, wonderful, peace.

Warning, Iambic Pentameter Alert

Some of the best gifts take a long time to open.

Some of the best gifts take a long time to open.

Blog-Buddies, usually I wouldn’t do this to you regular readers. But today I came across a Christmas poem from ages ago, before I started blogging. This one was written about a zillion years ago, a.k.a. 2004.

Yet I’m going to make it live here, yes a second poem from me this year. (Still awaiting ones from the rest of you. And thanks for private emails appreciating my official Christmas Poem for this year, already posted.)

Around here, as with you perhaps, it’s a decorating, card-sending, winter-without-snow wonderland. Mostly I’m doing a lot of planning, dreaming, and hoping about the new year.

Sharing Holiday Poems and Stories, 2015. Starts now.

Decorating your holiday season with a poem

Decorating your holiday season with a poem

Here’s a recorded version of the poem, and of course you can always read it below.

When Will It Be…

Surprisingly it began at the mall.

A routine errand stopped when that sound came out of nowhere.

Alright, it came out of the sound system that usually plays dopey shopper’s music

only this time we were given The Christmas Song.

You know, that song of the holiday season, the song called

The Wonderful Counselor. My Christmas Poem for 2014

The Wonderful Counselor


As holiday sparkles swirl in the air, the joy of the season finds me.
For once, I don’t have to… do.
All that I need do… is to be.

Christmas joy is seeking me. It was all along.
In the game of hide and seek with God,
how comical!  I was playing it inside out
because I was the one who hid.

Ordering Christmas in 2010


Blog-Buddies, every year I create a holiday poem. Here’s the one for 2010. Consider it my Christmas card to you! And please do share your own seasonal poems as comments below.

The Annual Christmas Poem

At the Messiah Sing-Along

Don’t you make me just stand in the audience.
No, I must go spinning down, turning in and around.
Into singers I’ll jump, into words, into sound.
I’m much more than I look
spinning down, turning around.

Giving Christmas 2008


It can be hard to give when there is fear.

The media that connect us blast it out.

If Santa felt it, how his sleigh would screech!

You need not be an elf to hear the doubt.

Incessant worries: “Will there be enough

tomorrow? How about months after that?”

Well, let’s remember fear is optional.

The world we live on curves. It isn’t flat.

Sunrises come with regularity