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Being a Seer — Does That Make a Person Holy?


A seer! Hey, does that mean, "Hold up your hands and worship?"

A seer! Hey, does that mean, “Hold up your hands and worship?”

A seer is somebody who has visions. Perhaps someone who sees the future. Or somebody who sees the truth.

If you want to grab another person’s attention, just say, “I had a vision.”

Just one problem, Blog-Buddies.

Being a seer, or a clairvoyant, is sooooo out of date, language-wise. As in “Being able to see energies is a rare and special talent.” Hello!

In this Age of Awakening, Everyone Is Energy Sensitive

How seriously do you have to study "The Aura"?


A recent comment about aura reading got me thinking. Blog-Buddy Sherry wrote:

I did not actually study the aura right off, and once I did I knew I wouldn’t have been ready for it early on…so that was great advice about not possibly being ready to study the aura.

There were many things I was not ready for until I expanded my awareness through regular practice of meditation, chakra work, decrees, etc etc. Increasing my knowledge and steadily raising my vibrations as I went along was key for me being ready for, and to understand, certain things.

How important is it, really, to study “The Aura”?