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What Is Householder Enlightenment? A fancy way to be codependent?


Enlightenment is not the apotheosis of codependency.

To put it another way, Householder Enlightenment does not mean being really, really good at anticipating needs of other people, then delivering it.

Let’s launch a new series of posts. From time to time, I would like to bring a fresh perspective on Householder Enlightenment.



Do you have any idea how much releasing is going on right now? If you could physically see the karma burning up, your neighborhood would have visible fires.

Except mostly the drama stays hidden, unreported. In your case, maybe you haven’t even recognized it personally.

Think for a moment about the intensity of your life these days. Sure, there has been cumulative inner growth. Has or hasn’t this alternated with major release of STUFF, one way or another?