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Colin Firth Aura Reading, Concluded. Guest Post by Ben

Colin Firth, aura reading continued. And like the actor himself, it just gets better.

Colin Firth, aura reading Part Two. And like the actor himself, this just gets better.

Blog-Buddies, here’s the rest of BEN’s wonderful aura reading of Colin Firth.

If you’re already a Colin Firth fan, beware! This aura reading might cause you to admire and enjoy this actor more than ever.

Part One — and your comments about it — can be found here: Aura Reading Colin Firth. A Guest Post by BEN


Aura Reading Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connecting to Psychic-level Energies

Symbolic Size: 50 ft.

To Colin Firth, connecting to psychic-level energies is like a delightfully tickly sensation. Just such a joke. 

Aura Reading Colin Firth. A Guest Post by BEN

Colin Firth, in Enlightenment, and ready for his aura reading

Colin Firth, in Enlightenment, and ready for his aura reading

With today’s aura reading of Colin Firth, you can find much to celebrate. The beauty of this Age of Awakening grows, gently, day by day. BRIANNE’s inspiring guest post adds to that.

Previewing, let’s indulge in a bit of ta da! Because BEN’s wonderful aura reading deserves a trumpeting introduction.  How amazing it is to live now? Here’s a quick series of fanfare-like notes:

Empath Merge with Colin Firth, a Guest Post by Elaine

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Blog-Buddy Elaine has done such a great job of doing Skilled Empath Merges with various Oscar nominees. Here is her last of the series. She used her favorite technique for this safe, profound kind of experience, “Magic Picture” from my more recent how-to book for empaths, Become the Most Important Person in the Room.
Energetic literacy is great for gathering information. But it’s especially enjoyable to investigate chakra databanks of someone who is spiritually Enlightened. As many of you Blog-Buddies know, Colin Firth is one of the fewer than hundred people (so far) on my Enlightenment Life List.

Colin Firth, Aura Reading #10 for Oscar Nominees

Annette Bening Aura Reading


Colin Firth must be a pretty good actor. Because I’ve just finished profiling him for the March issue of “Reading Life Deeper” and I am still going….

 “Wow! !! !!! !!!! !!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!