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Today’s Sweet Swap. A Free Aura Reading.

Today's Sweet Swap

Today’s Sweet Swap may inspire you, like sunshine lighting up a cold landscape. Waking up YOUR connection to joy.

Today’s Sweet Swap is complete now. But…

Welcome to all of you who seek to share inspiration. And thanks so much to all of you who have entered within the time constraints that made this fun sharing manageable for me.

Although the aura reading opportunity in this post is over, the fun sure isn’t. Please check back often, reading comments that will tell you about aura-level Gifts of the Soul from the folks you’ve met through this thread.

Dumb Down? No. Resist that Pressure

dumb dummy

The dumb life. The semi-sleepy life. Quite the opposite of spiritual awakening, isn’t it?

Dumb down?  Note: If you can’t read this whole article, skip ahead to the reframe of the famous “La La Land” photo. You may think about it all day.

Collective consciousness in America (and elsewhere) may make dumbing down seem like a cool way to survive. Have you noticed that pressure lately?

But you can insist on being robustly human, living juicy!

London Bus Conductor Effect. Bring It, Millennials! Others, Too.

The London Bus Conductor Effect begins with youl.

The London Bus Conductor Effect begins with you.

After America’s presidential election, are you worried about the security and goodness of your world? This article describes something you can do. It’s related to the “London Bus Conductor Effect.”

The London Bus Conductor Effect

This is a startup that you can afford to invest in.

And wouldn’t it be great if this joint venture could go public!

Now for the details. Let’s begin our busride of hope right here…

Dare to Live THE NEW STRONG, Especially During the Days of Trump

You don't have to walk on water to live THE NEW STRONG

You don’t have to walk on water to live THE NEW STRONG

Frightening. The newspaper headlines are just frightening. Funny, perhaps, to those who are stoned. (Or cynical.) All the more reason for us Blog-Buddies to live strong and steady. And yes, that can mean learning to live THE NEW STRONG.

For those of us who care about political life in America, and around the world, it’s time to pay attention. How closely you follow current events is up to you.  What matters most politically is that you will vote on Election Day. Vote, no matter what.

Before then, every day, you can show your mettle with the five tips I’ll summarize in this article, five different ways to live THE NEW STRONG.

Tip #1 to Live THE NEW STRONG: Know What It Is

“THE NEW STRONG” is a way to live, a consciousness lifestyle where you stay in touch with reality.

How NOT to Use Energy Reading

Let's shed some light on what works best to bring energy healing

Let’s shed some light on what works best to bring energy healing

Sunshine, they say, is the best disinfectant. In a way we’ve brought extra sunshine into this blog by inviting your questions of general interest at Ask Your Questions about RES.

Does that mean all you Blog-Buddies who comment there will look beautifully backlit, suffused with a kind of golden glow?

Aw, I’m fond of you’all. But that isn’t what I mean here.

It’s more about shining the light of knowledge to brighten things up. What’s the fun in polishing a table the room is so dark you can hardly see the gorgeous oak table in the first place, let alone how the wood seems to wake up and give you its loveliness more than ever?

Likewise sunlight might prove downright indispensible if the room has some cobwebs or grime. Until you see them, how can you clean it up?

Steady As You Go

Feeling at sea? You've got company.

Feeling at sea? Hey, you’ve got company.

Lately some of you Blog-Buddies and RES clients have been feeling rough. Well, you’re sailing over rough seas.

Imagine this. You’re aboard a large sailing ship, and those waters are roiling?

Energetically, and also in everyday human life, millions of your fellow humans are going through a turbulent adjustment adjustment. Personally I think the turmoil is related to adjusting to this new Age of Awakening.

However you think of it, Blog-Buddies, collective consciousness is moving fast.

  • Some people — like you — are leading, as if making little waves on the sea.
  • Others are following, willingly. More waves, of course. (And you know some of these folks just hate feeling at sea.)
  • More follow, grudgingly. So many choppy waves. (You know plenty of these folks too, right?)
  • Others don’t want to budge, hanging onto security for dear life. (And that is going to work right now? As if!)

Maybe You're Not as Anxious as You Thought

Just in time for Halloween, a terrifying topic

Just in time for Halloween, a terrifying topic

Today’s blog post is dedicated to Gladys, my first client for today. When asked how she was feeling, what was Gladys’s answer?


Look, Blog-Buddies. I had just done a skilled empath merge with this gal. What did I notice?

  • Big progress since our last session of aura healing and transformation.
  • A stronger grasp of human-type reality.
  • Some emotional vulnerability — nothing weird. Quite understandable, given some situations in her life right now.

No way did I notice acute anxiety. If I had, I would have referred her to a mental health professional. Like any practitioner of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES), I am qualified to help with emotional and spiritual growth. I’m not a licensed psychotherapist or counselor, not a psychiatrist. And I understand well my limits of practice.

However, two minutes of discussion cleared up the self-labeling as “Anxious.” Turned out, Gladys didn’t really mean a big-deal experience of “Anxious.” More like she felt a bit of trepidation.

And thus we were good to go. We proceeded to move forward with a session that helped Gladys move forward with her personal development.

Well, here’s my question to you: If Gladys wasn’t really “Anxious,” why did she describe her inner state with that word? See if you can guess, Blog-Buddies.

Aura Reading of Bad Boy Kanye West

Aura reading Kanye West, so rich and famous. For what?

Aura reading Kanye West, so rich and famous. Famous for what?

There’s sure something about Kanye West. People are immensely curious about this celebrity.

In 2007, I did an aura reading of him, “Daring to Be Kanye West,” which was followed up by a Kanye West face reading.

And then he was nominated by Blog-Buddy CATHY in our most recent contest, What Could Possibly Make This Person Tick? She wrote:

I would like to nominate someone that, frankly, I can’t stand! Kanye West.

The guy comes across to me as a completely egocentric jerk who is in love with himself and his fame.

An aura reading might sort out if this is just an act? A persona he puts on? Why do people like him?

The things that come out of his mouth…really, he should just never speak. As in never.

Householder Enlightenment Leadership. A Guest Post from ISABELLA C.

"Euwww, I'm awake for this? I mean, I'm glad to be awake. Grateful. But...."

“Euwww, I’m awake for this? I mean, I’m glad to be awake. Grateful. But….”

When a blog comment moves me to tears, I think it deserves to be elevated to a guest post (if possible). That happened today.

We were discussing how Enlightenment doesn’t necesssarily solve all human problems. And how difficulties can even arise post-Enlightenment that seem, and feel, very personal. Yet they may result from a leadership role in collective consciousness.

In this new Age of Awakening, millions of people may be moving into Enlightenment. Doing this as householders, too. Rather than following time-hallowed models, suitable for earlier development of consciousness at Earth School, when the path to Self-Realization was deemed to require the renunciate way of life.

Over at Does Enlightenment Break Your World Wide Open?, Blog-Buddy SARAH asked about “the idea that pioneers/leaders of a group are taking on karma for that group beyond their own personal karma.”

Do a double take on Yves Béhar with this bit of face reading

Wow, the power of face reading strikes again!

Wow, the power of face reading strikes again!

Sure, it’s fascinating to read faces for depth insight — physiognomy, not just expression reading or reading for attractiveness or those many other ways people can look at faces for fun.

Today let’s take a peek at the face of Yves Béhar, one part of his face in particular.

  • Check out his upper lip in this face reading photo.
  • And here’s another physiognomy photo of Yves Béhar, since it’s good to make sure that you’re seeing a photo that really looks like the person. Camera angles and such can mislead us, if we want to really see the face data for the purpose of reading faces. Scroll down a bit and you’ll see him alright.
  • Notice anything unusual, as a face reader?