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Secrets of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, Part One

Secrets of cutting cords of attachment

Secrets of cutting cords of attachment

Does a secret still count as a secret if I am blabbing it all over the blogosphere?

Well, I’ll have to risk that. Because this useful information for consumers is NOT generally known. Perhaps when this secret is out, more people will gain results from energy spirituality in general and cutting cords of attachment in particular.

Why can’t you just order up a cord-cutting session with Rose Rosetree?

You may already know that I urge all new clients to come with an intention, not a request for a specific technique to be used by the one who facilitates aura healing with Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

An intention is one way to make your life better emotionally or spiritually or behaviorally, like “Move forward in my career” or “Trust myself more.”

Cutting a cord of attachment is a skill set, an increasingly popular skill set. To many newbies, “Cord-cutting” has come to mean all the skill sets of energy spirituality much as “Kleenex” has come to mean paper tissues.

Only that’s a problem.

Psychological Projection as a Process-Oriented Cord Item


Ready for some deep yet practical tech-talk, Blog-Buddies? Let’s investigate a fairly common hidden part of the healing available from cutting cords of attachment. Common if you work professionally in the field of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, anyway. 😉

Yet I doubt if 1 in 1,000 people who cut cords of attachment today have ever heard of the topic for today’s article. (I just googled “How Popular is Cutting Cords of Attachment” and got exactly 10 1/2 million hits!)

Why Doesn’t a Cord of Attachment Come Back?

Rose Rosetree cutting cords attachment

Here Rose demonstrates putting on an energy bandage after cutting a cord of attachment.

Say that Gladys cuts the cord of attachment to her mother, Josephine. One month later, Josephine does something really hurtful. Gladys doesn’t just feel bad in the moment. She fears that she has been energetically damaged in some way.

Gladys’ self-authority is absolutely correct. She feels an energy something, and she is right about that. After The Shift into The Age of Awakening, Gladys is more likely to notice an energy problem.

Bad Things Happen FROM Good People? Concluded

Bad Things Happen

Bad Things Happen? Oh no. She looked so nice.

Bad Things Happen. Let’s complete our three-part survey of heartbreak and disillusionment. Fear not! How can you protect yourself?

Today’s third post in this series considers two final ways that people considered “good” or “spiritual” or “awakened” etc. could leave a person feeling pretty darned uncomfortable.

During or after that visit, you might feel worse than before. How can that be? How can you protect yourself or heal yourself?

Consumers Cutting Attachment Cords

Consumers Cutting Attachment Cords

Consumers Cutting Attachment Cords. Here Rose demonstrates preparing a cord of attachment for cutting.

Consumers Cutting Attachment Cords. And this teacher of how to cut cords of attachment is here, glad to answer your questions and also to share a teaching tale.

Blog-Buddies, today’s post follows the handful of questions in our last post. 

Cord-Cutting Incompetence. Geesh!


Cord-Cutting Incompetence. Geesh!

“I’ve cut that cord of attachment so many times. Why would it be different with you?”

Folks, if you don’t get results from somebody’s session… Don’t blame the skill set of cutting cords of attachment. Blame the practitioner who falsely advertised having skill.

Physical Benefits Indirectly

Physical Benefits Indirectly

Physical Benefits Indirectly. Here Rose demonstrates hand position for cutting a cord of attachment.

Physical Benefits Indirectly. They came after an RES session where Rose facilitated cutting a cord of attachment. ANABELLA’s guest post!

Cutting a cord of attachment with Energy Spirituality. This brings emotional and spiritual growth. Just that.

But could physical benefits come indirectly after cutting cords of attachment? Usually, not worth mentioning.

Learning Cord Cutting

Learning Cord Cutting

Learning Cord Cutting — Blog-Buddies, let me give you some inside information today.

Learning Cord Cutting. Yes, I can teach you skills for self-healing. Today’s consumer article can help you to progress smoothly, with real-life skills.

What, you want to learn this mega-powerful form of self-healing? You wish to learn how to cut your own cords of attachment?

Living Now. Help for Spiritual Seekers

Living Now

Living Now. For instance, who can you find in the mirror? Special offer. 😉 Right NOW.

Living now. Did you know you’re more likely to live in the present if you’ve had some sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) or done self-healing?

Lookee here. That’s why I offer this free online workshop.

Also, that’s why I publish books like these:

First Things First, About Living Now

Now is not a theory. At least not if you seek satisfaction and Enlightenment. Love and respect. Wealth and success. Physical and mental health.

What to expect if your session includes cutting a cord of attachment?

My favorite book cover (so far) for a foreign edition of “Cut Cords of Attachment with Energy Spirituality”

Okay, Blog-Buddies. Here it is by popular demand. What to expect when you’re expecting… a session of Energy Spirituality with cord-cutting.

Let’s clarify what you can expect from me, or any Graduate or Apprentice affiliated with my Energy Spirituality Mentoring Program. (Here I’ll speak in first person, but really I’m speaking for all of us.)