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Cutting cords of attachment to a GREAT relationship


Trust Blog-Buddy GRACE S. to ask something really deep. It would have been Comment #20 in the post about Karma + Yuckiness Index + Cords of Attachment, all part of your path to Enlightenment , only the set of questions was too, too fabulous.

So I turned her comment into a promise that I would do this guest post. Today I make good on that promise.

In the “Q&A Conversation” that follows, I will alternate GRACE’s words (as if Questions) with my answers (as if they were Answers). Here we go!

Karma + Yuckiness Index + Cords of Attachment, all part of your path to Enlightenment


Let’s move over a comment sequence from last post, Why Do We Get Cords of Attachment, the VERY Best Part. Because Blog-Buddy Sabine asked a fascinating question that opens up connections between cutting cords of attachment, karma, pursuing Enlightenment and something I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned before, the Yuckiness Index.

Journaling when I cut cords of attachment, guest post by Grace W.




Blog-Buddy GRACE W. has been busy. When you read the guest post below, here’s what she has left out.

Since she started doing sessions of Energy Spirituality years ago, GRACE’s life has improved enormously. That includes huge success with her career, plus even bigger personal transformation.

Why do we get cords of attachment? The VERY best part

Concluding this two-part examination of “Why do we get cords of attachment?” I am happy to share with you an understanding that has slowly developed within me over the last decade or so.

Let’s lead up to this big-deal concept with an example of my favorite thing about why we have cords of attachment… and how cutting them makes such a big difference for moving towards Enlightenment.

The Horrors of "Soulmates." A guest post from Amanda


“Infatuation” is defined as “a foolish or extravagant passion” and derived from the same word as “fatuous.” To put it in plain English, it means stupid.

Once upon a time, when my life wasn’’t going too well, I developed the conviction that I had a soulmate. I read up all sorts of things about twin flames and soul connections on websites full of purple zoomy lights and karmic information. And I just “knew” that somewhere out there was my One, and when we met he would complete me.

Heart in hand, I launched on The Search.

Understanding psychopaths, perpetrator lifetimes, sociopaths, etc.

Rose Rosetree researching a world-class sweetheart

Ah, Blog-Buddies, you do inspire me to blog when you’all bring up fascinating threads related to Deeper Perception Made Practical!

In this case, I’m responding to JODY G.’s plaintive reactions to our conversation about Perpetrator Lifetimes, especially her Comment 13. Yes, I sure want to get to the other answers to our quiz about empaths being the opposite of psychopaths — two follow-up blog posts coming soon.

Repetition compulsion and the tenderness factor


What a long and fascinating conversation we’ve been having here about tenderness.  Loooooooooong ago, you may remember the quiz that resulted in our pursuing the tenderness theme: Empath Empowerment, Sophisticated Quiz Answers .

So far we have had separate posts on Disappointed by the lack of tenderness in your life? and More Ways to Improve the Tenderness Factor. Now let’s consider our final items on the 10-point Tenderness Seeker’s List.

What can alcohol, cocaine, and pot do to a person energetically?


So much for my orderly plans for the flow of posts at this blog! Soon we will get to Tenderness Part 3, as well as a couple of guest posts I’m waiting to put in, etc. Quite a long list!

Meanwhile, VALERIE asked a great question today. As long as I’m answering, this deserves its own post. So here we go.

She asked, at Comment 79, in our thread about how to stop smoking marijuana:

More Ways to Improve the Tenderness Factor


Let’s continue to explore ways that your life could have more of that tenderness. Because if you have been craving more sweetness in how people to treat you, there might be some more important put-ins that could end that horrible kind of pain where life seems unreasonably and unpredictably harsh.

Please start by reading the first part of our discussion about having more tenderness in life. We’re continuing a thread about the very understandable feeling that you are special and deserve more tenderness in how people treat you.

Why cut your cord of attachment to God?


God is great! And that’s just the beginning of all of the praise you may have for the All in All.

Nonetheless, it’s possible to have a really disgusting, limiting cord of attachment to God.

This vileness doesn’t come from God directly, of course. It’s like what happens with so many other truly horrible cords of attachment. The degree of being horrible — what I call  “Scoring 10 out of 10 points”  on my Yuckiness Index for Cords of Attachment — is directly proportional to one’s degree of caring about the cordee.