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Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing, The Ebook is starting to go live today

The easiest way to learn to cut cords of attachment

The easiest way to learn to cut cords of attachment

Meet the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R) on a diet… and selling for $8.50.

Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healingcontains the simplest step-by-step instructions for cutting cords of attachment.

So far, available exclusively in an eBook edition, this how-to is about 1/3 the size of this book some of you Blog-Buddies know and have used to facilitate miracles…

How to get rid of energetic cords


What are energetic cords? How do they differ from cords of attachment? Or do both terms mean the same thing?

Let’s have some fun with this educational topic, Blog-Buddies. I’ll supply 10 myths about energetic cords… and how to get rid of them.

Being Corded? People Re-Cording You?

Being Corded?

Being Corded? Having someone re-cording to you? Oh, let’s clear out these false fears.

Being Corded? Or having somebody re-cord to you? Why aren’t are fears like this a sign of confusion?

First of all, some context, Blog-Buddies.

Yesterday was my last day of doing RES Sessions at London’s College of Psychic Studies in 2012. And, wouldn’t you know it, two different clients came to me with terrible fears related to cord-cutting, fears that were totally groundless.

Vibrational lifting, energy vampire fears, energy hypochondria



Congratulations to our latest group of Skilled Empaths, graduates of the Empath Empowerment Workshop. Every time I teach this workshop, it is a unique delight. And this group didn’t disappoint.

If you are new to learning about empaths, I wish you could have met this group — such a diverse collection of people. All they had in common:

Cutting cords of attachment to a GREAT relationship


Trust Blog-Buddy GRACE S. to ask something really deep. It would have been Comment #20 in the post about Karma + Yuckiness Index + Cords of Attachment, all part of your path to Enlightenment , only the set of questions was too, too fabulous.

So I turned her comment into a promise that I would do this guest post. Today I make good on that promise.

In the “Q&A Conversation” that follows, I will alternate GRACE’s words (as if Questions) with my answers (as if they were Answers). Here we go!

Suicide and Cords of Attachment

CUT CORDS, Czech Republic's edition of the how-to

When someone dies,  it’s common to think that no cord of attachment remains — so, at least, you would have no worries about having that kind of energetic link to the deceased any more.

That’s backwards, actually, and especially inaccurate in the case of a suicide.

Q&A Cut Cords of Attachment

Cut Cords of Attachment, Rose Rosetree






To cut Cords of Attachment is to be involved in one of the most powerful techniques available today for holistic healing and psychological healing.

You might have questions as a client, a prospective client, a healer, or a healer who’s considering learning my 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R).

Or you might have questions as a complete newbie, someone just learning about this amazing Cut Cords option for the first time.