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A Crystal Meth-Flavored Cord of Attachment

A cord of attachment can be like a tug of war within your own subconscious mind and aura

A cord of attachment flavored by crystal meth can cause a tug of war that distorts your subconscious mind and aura

RES has taught me a lot about drugs… the helping way. Today I’ll share what I learned from a crystal meth-flavored cord of attachment.

Many of you Blog-Buddies already know a lot about cutting cords of attachment. Some have even signed up for my Cut Cords of Attachment Level 1 Workshop on August 13-14, 2016. (Where nothing, nothing about the cords of attachment being cut in that workshop will be anywhere near this intense! Cutting even a minor cord of attachment can bring big results.)

If the topic is new to you, here’s a link to my Cut Cords of Attachment, Top 10 List. However, you won’t find a thing there about crystal meth because this is my second blog post ever on crystal meth.

Cutting a Cord of Attachment Involving Crystal Meth

Ending an energetic tug of war by cutting one cord of attachment that involved crystal meth

Ending an energetic tug of war by cutting one cord of attachment that involved crystal meth

Cutting cords of attachment is one topic we have opened up in this new year. Now let’s open up another: The aura-level effects of different substances commonly used as recreational chemicals, including crystal meth.

With marijuana legally going on sale in Colorado — and TV awards galore going to the crystal meth-related series “Breaking  Bad” — yes, let’s have our first article of many about little-known, aura-level side effects of recreational substances. And how appropriate energy healing can move that STUFF out!

In one session with JOSEPHINE, I facilitated cutting a cord of attachment between her and her best friend back in the day, GLADYS. At the time of the incident stuck in this cord, both girls were just 12 or 13.

Generously, JOSEPHINE gave me permission to share this sequence of cord items with you.