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Exiting Cults with Help from Rosetree Energy Spirituality. Top 10 List.

Exiting cults, Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) can help. These Top 10 posts can introduce you.

Exiting cults, Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) can help. These Top 10 posts can introduce you.

Protect yourself from cults, and receive help for exiting cults. That’s the point of this Top 10 Post.

Adjusting to this new Age of Awakening, cults may be more tempting than ever. And, of course, no cult ever announced itself as such.

Cult mind control. A guest post by Spiritual Cinderella


Memo to cult: Buh-bye

Memo to cult: Buh-bye

Exiting a cult — now that’s an important way to use deeper perception. We’ve already had several articles on this topic. Now here’s a guest post from Blog-Buddy SPIRITUAL CINDERELLA. Note the references to spiritual addiction, being Enlightened, and The Romance of The Astral.

SPIRITUAL CINDERELLA has learned a lot the hard way. Here’s her story.

Spiritual addiction galore

I want to share that I was in a spiritual training and healing program from 2011 – 2014.

This training program teaches and strongly encourages spiritual addiction.  It teaches everyone to open up spiritually and to have psychic skills. They believe that the more enlightened a person, the greater the psychic skills the person will have.

Six Reasons why it takes more humility to be a householder than a renunciate

Meditation for Householder Enlightenment or something else?

Many of my clients have been making a spirited transition in their spiritual lives. For years they worked hard to becoming more evolved… by following paths that really were for renunciates.

Not that the workshop teachers billed it that way.

Not that the workshop teachers necessarily knew.

The only way I found out was that my clients would ask me for Thrill Your Soul Research on life choices. What would be the impact, for GLADYS or JOE, continuing to do Technique X versus Technique Y?

Or clients would ask for consumer-type aura reading research. GLADYS would bring up photo of Teacher X and I would read one chakra databank after another. Then we would investigate Teacher Y. Thanks to the Worldwide Web, plenty of photos are available, usually, for researching any professional’s system or program or teaching.

Also, thanks to skills of Energetic Literacy, every photo can serve as an aura photo. That’s how I learned:

It is very, very common for Westerners to be sold on practices that are fine preparations for the ashram.

Even with my Asian clients, this happens far more often than is commonly known.

Many a teaching, or technique, is designed for renunciates. Even if it is billed as something else. Hypnosis isn’t the only perfectly fine methodology that is sometimes mislabeled as meditation. And then producing results that were never requested at all.

Cult exiting, a guest post by Penny


Blog-Buddies, PENNY is the latest member of our Energy Spirituality community to share a story about her empowerment as an empath and a person. What did exiting a cult have to do with it? Read and marvel!

On this Valentine’s Day, I invite all you Blog-Buddies to take heart. Celebrate your spiritual growth, moving out STUFF with techniques like 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R), filling up with what thrills your soul.

Exiting a cult. A guest post by "Ray"

Blog-Buddies, we are lucky that talented writer RAY has offered a guest post today on the theme of exiting a cult.

He shares so beautifully about his process of cult exiting. The factors he identifies as most cult-like are important, I think, for any of us who have chosen to deprogram and exit a cult.

Is Eckankar a cult? A guest post by Michael Porter

A spirited conversation has emerged recently about cults, with fascinating comments from you Blog-Buddies about Cult Exiting and Deprogramming, How Energy Spirituality Can Help.  MICHAEL PORTER has given us a standout comment, brimming with thoughtful consideration.

As part of our conversation around the last post, in Comment 2, I referred you Blog-Buddies to a couple of posts from a couple of years ago, the Cult Recognition Quiz and then Cult Recognition Quiz — THE ANSWERS.

Cult Exiting and Deprogramming, How Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) Can Help


For years, one of my quiet specialties has been helping folks to fully exit from cults. Energy Spirituality and Energetic Literacy can, each, help to heal cult involvement.

Leaving a cult is good. What is more important for long-term relief, and protection against further cult involvement? Don’t settle for anything less than true exiting of the cult. Plus effective deprogramming at a subconscious level.

This matters because otherwise a person fleeing one cult is very likely to join a different cult. Not unlike the high risk after gastric bypass surgery of developing alcoholism.

Healing YOUR part of the Loneliness Epidemic



In 1893, sociologist Emile Durkheim coined the term anomie to describe a new kind of loneliness. Unprecedented numbers of workers were leaving the cozy, comfy, ok — stifling comfort, of their small towns and villages.

You could think of these small towns like the bar depicted in TV classic “Cheers,” a gathering place where everybody knows you, including every single one of your quirks. Only, of course, “Cheers” wouldn’t happen for some hundred years after Durkheim’s discovery.

Cult Recognition Quiz


New Age practices are sometimes considered to mean “cult practices.” As if!

Cults have been educational experiences throughout human history. They’re among the most popular educational programs here at Earth School, along with:

Leaving a cult? How I help with deprogramming.



Could I call myself a deprogrammer? Gulp, yes. I suppose I could.

Except deprogrammers have a reputation for being quite fierce. Sometimes, I’ve heard, they are hired to kidnap cult members, hired by anxious parents to slap that kid into shape over the weekend.

My approach is way different. In case you have a friend who wonders, “Is that cherished group of mine a cult?” you might forward a link to this post. Only please, please do not send that link just because YOU are concerned about your friend being in a cult.