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Abortion Cord of Attachment. Informative, Always

May today's blog post bring peace to those who have struggled over abortion, adoption, or miscarriages

Abortion Cord of Attachment. May today’s blog post bring peace to those who have struggled over abortion, adoption, or miscarriages

Abortion Cord of Attachment. When one of my Energy Spirituality has had an abortion or miscarriage, guess what? Often I’ll facilitate cutting her cord of attachment to the soul involved.

What did I learn from cutting this particular cord of attachment for Gladys? Today I’ll tell the tale. Expect inspiration — at least, if you believe in a woman’s right to choose.

Caution: Read no further if you are staunchly anti-abortion. Because I won’t hide my equally strong, and different, values on this highly-charged issue.

Physical Benefits Indirectly

Physical Benefits Indirectly

Physical Benefits Indirectly. Here Rose demonstrates hand position for cutting a cord of attachment.

Physical Benefits Indirectly. They came after an RES session where Rose facilitated cutting a cord of attachment. ANABELLA’s guest post!

Cutting a cord of attachment with Energy Spirituality. This brings emotional and spiritual growth. Just that.

But could physical benefits come indirectly after cutting cords of attachment? Usually, not worth mentioning.

Stalker Cords of Attachment, Neither Vampire nor Psychic Attack


Lately we have been discussing popular fears of psychic attack, energy vampires, and psychic vampires. We’ve been discussing cords of attachment, too. (Our last blog post dealt with an article meant to warn people of a big “vampiring” danger that I consider pretty much non-existent.)

This morning, I figured, “Why not add one more hot topic, stalkers?”

What if I cut a cord of attachment wrong?


What an important question! “What if I cut a cord of attachment wrong?” was recently posed by Blog-Buddy Jennifer. Have you put off learning how to cut cords of attachment for yourself, fearing that you might make an awful mistake?

Quick, what’s your first reaction to Jennifer’s question?

Outsourcing your life?

Making decisions isn’t the easiest responsibility for an adult. Personally, I like to think of it as part of the curriculum at Earth School. We have loads of difficult responsibilities, ever-changing ones.

Besides the decision making, there’s feeding oneself properly, managing a schedule, managing money, maybe managing children… yoicks, such a list!

Suicide and Cords of Attachment



When someone dies, it’s common to think that no cord of attachment remains — so, at least, you would have no worries about having that kind of energetic link to the deceased any more.

That’s backwards, actually, and especially inaccurate in the case of a suicide.

Cord Removal, Ghost Removal


“I always thought she was haunting me,” Joe said during his session. But that statement came later. Like his telling me, “No, there was no physical violence in the relationship with my grandmother. Unless you count the time she threw a boiling pot of pea soup.

“I ducked, so the saucepan never hit me. Made quite a dent in the wall, though.”

Joe’s intention was simply to become excited about life again, maybe even to like himself more. 

Emotional healing, Energy Spirituality ENERGY Healing, and Enlightenment


You Blog-Buddies ask the best questions. This recent one burst right out from its comment box, demanding a post of its very own. Holly began by asking this:

Rose, is it your opinion that a person cannot progress to Enlightenment without full awareness of his/her own emotions?

I notice that you read the emotional self awareness databank on people often, so it must be important. Why do you think this skill is so important?

Can you cut the cord to your ego?

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Back in the 1980’s, I was working with a new student who happened to be a Franciscan nun, Sister Gladys. As we spoke, her face took on a look of shame. She told me, “I have a terrible secret.”

Taking care to look un-horrified, I leaned in to hear what she had to say

Even before developing energetic literacy, I considered myself a pretty good judge of character. Sister Gladys reminded me of an angel. What could be her terrible secret?

Cleaning and Re-Inserting Cords of Attachment


Yes, sometimes a highly skilled energy worker will take the trouble to “fix” or “improve” a cord of attachment.

Several things are really impressive about this. The healer must have enough perception to find the cord. Remove it. Clean it. Know when the cleaning is done. Replace the cord where it had been before.

Gee, by comparison, mere “brain surgery” could be considered a skill for the clumsy.