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Psychopath-Inspired New Quiz for Empaths



Trust Jon Ronson to get me all inspired about psychopaths. He’s the author of The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry. Jon finds them everywhere in society but especially in prisons, corporate boardrooms, and in politics.

At least I surmise this last part from seeing Ronson interviewed by Jon Stewart.

Skilled Empath Merge with Barbara Barry, Interior Designer

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


How could I pass up the opportunity to read the interior of this interior designer? GRACE W. did such a beautiful job when she requested this research with energetic literacy.

Having won a prize in our most recent contest about true tales of cutting cords of attachment, Blog-Buddy GRACE didn’t only supply photo links but explained her choice in the italicized words that follow.

How could God let this happen to me?


Life is either bliss or lessons, sweet key lime pie or puckery lemons. At the time, we may not even consciously know what those lessons are.

That’s when we really feel clobbered. One of the deepest expressions of pain at such times is the question, “How could God let this happen to me?”

An example is the problem described by MYRNA at Comment 280 in our Q&A thread about cords of attachment:

Consumer alert about cutting cords of attachment

Advanced practitioners learning more about cutting cords of attachment

What if you’re looking online for a healing practitioner? Say that you find someone who says “I studied with Rose Rosetree” or “I use Rose Rosetree’s trademarked method, 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R).”

What does that mean exactly?

Apology, Victims, Responsibility, Kindness


Above all, the purpose of this blog is education. Deeper Perception techniques, energetic literacy of all kinds, support self-authority for each of us. Quite recently this self-authority has been tested around issues of what constitutes an apology.

When is it appropriate to apologize?

How gracious does one need to be?

Who is responsible when somebody feels insulted or names you as the big, monstrous “insulter”?

Five healing terms I do not use



Sometimes it’s useful for healers — and clients — to check out the empty spaces. What language doesn’t get said? In my case, as a healer and teacher, I’m very clear about five bits of language that I consider no-no’s for Energy Spirituality. In sharing these five terms with you, I’ll give you my reasons.

Will you agree with me? That’s what our COMMENT boxes below are for, to share opinions. Pro or con, what matters surely is that you engage with your full self-authority.

How cords of attachment can block prosperity


Let’s complete this two-part series about prosperity and Law of Attraction. Is it really possible that “fear of success” is limiting your income?

The how-to book on Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy was based on a great deal of research at the level of auras, showing something quite shocking from a LOA perspective. Belief doesn’t have nearly as much to do with attracting success as “The Secret” would have us believe. Except that repeated use of beliefs will have consequences, and the main consequences of LOA practices is to bring on a spiritual addiction.

Where to begin with Rosetree Energy Spirituality?

Helping you to become a Skilled Empath

Overwhelmed, anyone? Recently “Loretta” requested help to prioritize the various skill sets taught through this blog, my how-to books, workshops, etc. Her email went like this:

I was initially interested in your book Cut Cords of Attachment, but in looking at your website, I’m pretty sure I’m an (unskilled) empath. I ended up buying both books, Cut Cords of Attachment and Become the Most Important Person in the Room at the same time.

Which set of skills should I pursue mastering first? Can I start cutting my own cords before completing the 30-day empath training program discussed in Become the Most Important Person in the Room? Do I have to have skill with my empath gifts to be able to read my aura or do I use some other sense?

No Delicatessen. RES Sessions Are Different.

No Delicatessen

No Delicatessen. Today’s post is dedicated to those who are still learning what it means to order up a session of RES Energy HEALING.

No Delicatessen. RES Sessions are different from what I’ll describe here as “The Delicatessen Model” for personal growth services.

Congratulations to Gladys. She is a gracious new client who recently had a first session with me.

Gladys was a really good sport, considering that when our session began she didn’t know that she might have to be any kind of sport. I dedicate today’s post to her… and to all you Blog-Buddies who are learning about Energy Spirituality, cutting cords of attachment, etc. and don’t know everything yet.

Addiction relief by cutting cords of attachment



Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. I was thinking about giving you’all some sweet thing, and then started remember how one of my clients, “Joe,” once asked a poignant question. Was it possible, he wondered, to cut a cord of attachment to an addiction? That got me thinking.

Sure, this is a holiday devoted to sweetness and light. But what happens the day after? What happens for some people, even, at 3 a.m. that very night? Emotional pain might be even hidden from outward view during that same Valentine’s Day.